4 give ness

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I think this blogging lark is remarkable, even if I am a twit when it comes to the workings of it.
I watched a wonderful documentary about the world wide web, the internet, and freedom of communication. For a long time I have harboured a bitterness towards Mr. Stephen Fry, his refusal to acknowledge anything that isn’t SCIENCE, with a capital ‘S’, but every time I see him talking, so eloquently, about things I can scarcely understand I really have to bow down to him.
His comments about the webs possibilities and Sir Tim Berners Lee, who created the www, made my heart sing. Anything that enables people to have freedom of speech and access to knowledge has to be applauded.
I watched ‘QI’ as an act of redemption, as I laughed I felt the liberation that comes with finally letting go. Mr. Fry believes what he believes and I have my own set of values. Hurrah that we can share the same air waves.

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Homage to Pedro

I slept in until 9.15 this morning. Booked the man to clean my oven. Left my phone to discharge itself. Took the 170 to Victoria. The tube to Leicester Square. Felt like I was made out of India rubber, it was that damn massage last night. I’m still exhausted but feel a lot less up … Read more


The old git doesn’t get in until after eleven. He’s been thrashing out his servant at ‘The Lyric’, Hammersmith. The first half of ‘The Three Sisters’ is not good, the second half better. By the time he gets home he has endured one half that’s not as good as the other whilst wearing a crash … Read more

Pets are people too…..

Apart from talking to Roger Reese and Sir Ian Mckellan, wonderful men who made me miss being an actress, I talked to people about what they fed their pets.
An article in the newspaper shone the spotlight on the tins of muck we feed our dogs and cats, many include eyes, cereal and stuff picked up from the floor.
Two men turned off and wrote to tell me that that’s what they were doing. They failed to see that how we feed our pets is part of the advertising stanglehold that multi national companies have over us. How we treat out pets, our animals, our children, our elderly is all part of the same thing and if they cant get it i ‘m happy they are no longer part of my audience.

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Blackberry Blues

I have a new Blackberry I hate my new Blackberry I cannot understand my new Blackberry. It is more irritating than the most irritating presenter on Channel 5. I am seriously thinking of giving back my Blackberry. With all that is going on in the World my Blackberry is a tick on the bum of … Read more

Hurrah For Gary.

Is the rain preferable to snow? I think so I can see the green of the grass..
Jonfan called me from the cottage, the guttering is frozen and it looks like the cellar is going to flood from all the water.
The old git has his first preview on Saturday night so I shall be alone in the cottage this weekend, dealing with it.
I need to go back I need the colour of the walls, the softness of the carpet and I need to pick up three weeks worth of post, not to mention doing the accounts.
January is always fraught, tax bills, lack of sunshine and nothing to look forward to until march. I love my birthday. This year I’ll be in Radlett on 21st, three days before I hit 61. Bloody daft age, if you ask me, I may just stick to 60 it sounds better.

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The old git is in ‘The Three Sisters’ at The Lyric in Hammersmith, he’s playing the same part that Eric Sykes played.
He never shares anything about the production so I have no idea what he’s doing,how he’s doing it and whether or not the rest of the show is a shambles.
Press Night is the 25th of January, so I’ve got enough time to read the play, understand Chekhov and fix my hair.
Talking of which this weather makes me look like I’ve stuck my finger in a light socket.

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To Thaw the frozen Lakes Again…..

Bringing up baby, Dementia and Bodies. All the subjects were linked in some way. How we bring up our children, how we treat our bodies and the alienation we feel towards our very own flesh and blood . Suzie Orbach, Fiona Phillips and Matt Brown were just three of my guests today. They were all … Read more


The 170 bus drove remarkably smoothly to Victoria. I made an executive decision that whilst there would be no grit in St. James Park it would be worth a punt. I was right. The ice had melted under the bridges over the lake but mostly it was frozen. Ducks and seagulls skimmed on thin ice. … Read more

Weather we do or weather we don’t.

Why do I get so worried about snow? I have a Swede staying with me who thinks we Brits are drips. He works in the North of Sweden in temperatures of -36. LBC reacted to the severe weather warnings which made me feel chilly and insecure. I need to get back to Tunbridge Wells on … Read more