To Thaw the frozen Lakes Again…..

Bringing up baby, Dementia and Bodies. All the subjects were linked in some way.
How we bring up our children, how we treat our bodies and the alienation we feel towards our very own flesh and blood . Suzie Orbach, Fiona Phillips and Matt Brown were just three of my guests today. They were all eloquent on their subjects.
It’s a mission filling three hours every day, somehow Boston and I manage to do it…but because I had Friday off it felt like I had been away for years.
It’s 21.06 and I am very tired. Trying to get some shut-eye before I get up with the red-eye tomorrow.
The lake is still frozen in St.James Park, I feel sorry for the seagulls and ducks. I want the weather to get warmer so the sun can thaw the frozen lakes again. According to the old rhyme though, we wont get that thaw until February. This is an old fashioned winter, maybe we’ll have a proper spring with crocuses poking up at the right time, and then a summer of peonies and roses, and an autumn of….Oh! be quite it’s only january 11th.

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  1. I have just found this site and it is wonderful . i am a great fan of Jeni’s and was gutted when GFL went off air have to say i never watch the replacement,Jeni made me smile of an evening when i came in from work had tea then relaxed and watched the 10’oclock show.evenings just arent the same now , please hurry back on our screens tv is rubbish without you Jeni .

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