Rainbows keep falling on my head

A warning for Jean Jones, this entry may contain material that will excite you. If you feel yourself salivating with envy just click away from the page…..
I don’t know whether to work forward or backwards, I don’t know whether to include the grizzly bits about my mother and the wretched bits about my darling girl friend who died unexpectedly, or whether I should just tell you the bits of my week that made me feel so energised I didn’t sleep. I don’t know whether to include the back pain, the watering eye, the missing of the ‘oosbind, or the tragedy thats called THE VOICE.
On reflection I shall just write the good bits so here goes:

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Half Nelson

I am a member of BAFTA, which is one of the great treats of my life. I was nominated two years ago and accepted. So, I have the privilege of voting for films and telly. I take it very seriously, although I hate being judgemental. Standing in line at BAFTA is an experience. Everybody is … Read more