Homage to Pedro

I slept in until 9.15 this morning. Booked the man to clean my oven.
Left my phone to discharge itself.
Took the 170 to Victoria.
The tube to Leicester Square.
Felt like I was made out of India rubber, it was that damn massage last night.
I’m still exhausted but feel a lot less up tight.
When somebody tells you you are too old to be sitting in your chair and that you should vacate it for somebody younger it shakes your world. I am alright now but yesterday i felt like topping myself.
Thank God for Jo Wander my new agent. She says all the right words in the right places.
Thank you Jo
And Thank You Peter, from Chessington, for making me realise that I am allowed to be at LBC even if you do think I am selfish, egotistical and OLD.
I hope you have a wonderful job and reason to live like I do when you get to my age.
night night all
It’s on with the Horlicks and off with the fairies.

2 thoughts on “Homage to Pedro”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Looking forward to listening to you tomorrow.
    The afternoons wouldn’t be the same without you at LBC, don’t listen to the people who write in crayons as James O’Brien said, I think it was him anyway.

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