Hurrah For Gary.

Is the rain preferable to snow? I think so I can see the green of the grass..
Jonfan called me from the cottage, the guttering is frozen and it looks like the cellar is going to flood from all the water.
The old git has his first preview on Saturday night so I shall be alone in the cottage this weekend, dealing with it.
I need to go back I need the colour of the walls, the softness of the carpet and I need to pick up three weeks worth of post, not to mention doing the accounts.
January is always fraught, tax bills, lack of sunshine and nothing to look forward to until march. I love my birthday. This year I’ll be in Radlett on 21st, three days before I hit 61. Bloody daft age, if you ask me, I may just stick to 60 it sounds better.

I’ve got another two thousand words to write for my speech, and then I shall begin thinking about RADLETT. My confidence is far greater than it was last year.
This years gone quickly. A whole year since my mad 60th birthday party, one whole year since going to Rome, one whole year since doing an audience with. I’m having a new dress made, it’ll be Veronica Lake meets Snow White.
Gary McKinnon was the spring board for todays show. Gary hacked into NASA and The pentagon, looking for little green men and reminding the White House just how easy it is to get into their files.
Instead of dealing with his Aspergers and teaching him that it wasn’t the thing to do, Gary has been facing extradition to the US since 1992 with the possibility of 60 years in jail.
I talked to his mother Janis Sharp who said they have been waiting for one person with some sense. That person arrived in the form of a Justice Mitting who has stopped the whole proceedings suggesting that the Government have not looked at the medical reports which prove that Mr. McKinnon is not well enough to face this kid of battering.
I hope they drop all the charges. Gary needs to be employed by people who can see his brilliance.
I had so many people wanting to talk about their experience of Asbergers, so many people offering advice, help to each other and support. I cried, you cried, I think most of my cabbies shed a tear too.
ALEX PRIOR is a conductor, 17 years old, who is so smart, so talented, so articulate I forgot to ask him questions that I should have asked. He’s appearing at the Barbican on April 8th, try and get to see him he is remarkable.
All my thoughts and love go out to the people of Haiti. Who needs wars when Mother nature is that powerful.
Have a good nights sleep.