Blackberry Blues

I have a new Blackberry
I hate my new Blackberry
I cannot understand my new Blackberry.
It is more irritating than the most irritating presenter on Channel 5.
I am seriously thinking of giving back my Blackberry.
With all that is going on in the World my Blackberry is a tick on the bum of a hippo.
Bye Bye Blackberry
Pack up all my cares and woes,
Here I go singing low
Bye, Bye Blackberry.
No one hear can love or understand it
All the hard luck stories they all hand it.
Make my bed, and light the light
I’ll go to bed too late tonight
Blackberry Bye Bye.

6 thoughts on “Blackberry Blues”

  1. Hi Jeni
    I know just how you feel!
    I bought a new blood presure moniter at the weekend (only because the old one had expired) and by the time I had worked out how to use it my blood presure, well I’ll say no more!
    Looking forward to the 21st March, now that will lower my blood presure.
    Love June

  2. Yes.I understand. I have a new ipod. My cat walked over it. This switched it on. Not only did it switch on but somehow reprogrammed the bloody thing to work in German.

  3. Happy New Year Jeni! It took me a wee while to get used to my blackberry when I got it last year. I absolutely love it now though, and being able to do things like read your blog, answer emails and be organised when I’m out and about!

  4. Hey Jeni
    Stick with it, it took me ages to get used to mine (mostly cause I have fat fingers ha ha) but now I love not having to wait to get home to read your blog or catch up on emails.
    Rhianon that made me laugh out loud you should now call your cat Herman!
    Love Marmite xx

  5. Hi Jeni, I listened today to your show about texts. I am 39 with two teenagers that is almost my only way of communicating with them, is fun sometimes. I find it very useful to text my landlord when the flat needs fixing. It’s great as I don’t have to hear his voice or see his face, just to give orders to you. Also, I need to remind you again you’re not big I’ve seen your photos, don’t decribe yourself as being big, I heard you say that today. I love you and your show vey much but I don’t always have time to listen.
    Kind regards
    Dita (Albanian

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