The 170 bus drove remarkably smoothly to Victoria. I made an executive decision that whilst there would be no grit in St. James Park it would be worth a punt.
I was right.
The ice had melted under the bridges over the lake but mostly it was frozen. Ducks and seagulls skimmed on thin ice.
LBC was interesting we did SNOW reports throughout the programme with some of you sending in wonderful photos of dogs in snow, pigeons in snow, cars in snow and squirrels in snow….
I also talked about depression and happiness.
Some said both were a state of mind, I don’t think so. If there’s a chemical imbalance no amount of thinking it better will change it.
Having said that so many recovering depressants talked about NLP and CBT. It’s at times like this I feel actually useful.
It’s 21.58, tomorrow I am meant to be going back home so I can attend a funeral on Friday morning. I can’t see this happening if the weather continues, so tomorrow I will take a rain-snow-check.
keep warm.

1 thought on “Snowtimelikethepresent”

  1. Hope you got home Ok for the funeral.
    Please Jeni don’t take any notice of the chap/chapess who tells you not to call people “Darling” on your show – call them whatever you like! It’s friendly innit?
    Ok, we’ve had enough snow now, I’m worried about my frozen koi in the bottom of my frozen and snow covered pond, and hoping they’re huddled together like sardines.
    luvnhugs, Happy 2010 to all fellow Jeni bloggers, especially Kirsten (keep taking the cod liver oil) and to you dear Jeni xxxx Fee xxx

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