The old git is in ‘The Three Sisters’ at The Lyric in Hammersmith, he’s playing the same part that Eric Sykes played.
He never shares anything about the production so I have no idea what he’s doing,how he’s doing it and whether or not the rest of the show is a shambles.
Press Night is the 25th of January, so I’ve got enough time to read the play, understand Chekhov and fix my hair.
Talking of which this weather makes me look like I’ve stuck my finger in a light socket.

I have a wonderful new agent who picks up the phone, does what she says she’s going to do and pays me on time. I didn’t realise how lonely I felt with my last agent. This could be a very interesting year.
I am currently writing me memoirs every morning from 6-9, doing LBC then coming home and sorting out an after dinner speech and my AUDIENCE at RADLETT on MARCH 21st. It’ll be the second time I’ve played that venue, this time it’ll be very good fun as I intend enjoying it. Last time I had too many friends and family in and nearly collapsed with nervous energy. I crashed the car before we went up, had a row with the ‘oosbind, fell out of my dress and, if it wasn’t for Gino De Campo, would have died on my arse.
I’ve booked a week away after Radlett, for my birthday, and heading up to Edinburgh to see Jim at ‘The Traverse’.
I fancy I may take the train, the sleeper if it still exists, so I can wake up to Berwick on Tweed and remember life when I was a young actress with nothing to worry about except clean underwear – and not even that often.
I’m about to make leek and potato soup, so that when the wandering troubadour arrives he can heat it up and slurp it in front of the box. I shall be in bed reading and resting before 5.30 comes around all too quickly.
Please think about coming to Radlett, it would be good to have an audience of friendly faces, its an unforgiving venue and I need love and warmth beaming back at me.
That’s it the leeks are calling….

2 thoughts on “MARCH 21st. RADLETT CENTRE.”

  1. Yay I can’t wait for Radlett! I didn’t book any holidays yet especially! Can’t wait for the Chekhov either will defininately drive to Hammersmith for that.
    Much Love Marmite xx

  2. I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful show yesterday when you talked about the veil. I wonder at your enthusiasm to keep finding things to talk about at all, but yesterday you showed your ability to be balanced and interested and polite to boot. You’re such a refreshing change from the talk show hosts who vaguely insult their callers or cringeingly have two callers argue on air. Well done you. Of course I might be biased because like you I’m an ageing leftie but please – have no doubt about your ability to host a phone in show.
    As for London – Edinburgh, BOOK EARLY and BOOK A SEAT and sit on the right side of the train coming north (best views).It takes less than five hours now, no need for a sleeper sweetie.
    LovenHugs xxxx Fee

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