Pets are people too…..

Apart from talking to Roger Reese and Sir Ian Mckellan, wonderful men who made me miss being an actress, I talked to people about what they fed their pets.
An article in the newspaper shone the spotlight on the tins of muck we feed our dogs and cats, many include eyes, cereal and stuff picked up from the floor.
Two men turned off and wrote to tell me that that’s what they were doing. They failed to see that how we feed our pets is part of the advertising stanglehold that multi national companies have over us. How we treat out pets, our animals, our children, our elderly is all part of the same thing and if they cant get it i ‘m happy they are no longer part of my audience.

I took my self off a for a japanese meal. It was disgusting. Expensive and lazy, the vegetable tempura was so fatty it dripped over my book.
I then sat in Row BB32 to watch ‘Sherlock Holmes’ at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square.
Apart from falling asleep in a couple of places – it has to be brilliant to stop my 7pm nap – I thought it was wonderful stuff. Guy Ritchies direction was top hole. Jude law and Robert Downey Junior were good fun together and Mark Strong was wonderfully bad. I enjoyed the sound and the soundtrack. It’s a jolly spiffing yarn well done by everybody.
I took the tube to Victoria and grabbed the 170 to the flat. In the fifty paces it took me to get to my door an old feller on a penny farthing cycled past. I was back in Sherlock’s London, then the penny farthings lights flickered and I heard a crunch. The rider jumped off from the high saddle and attempted to mend the chain.. bang went all the romanticism I had of life in time gone by.
RADLETT MARCH 21ST, I will keep reminding you so that you don’t keep nagging me.
I love all your blogs and text and emails keep em coming.
night night

5 thoughts on “Pets are people too…..”

  1. I call the cat a lot of things, Marmite……..You wouldn’t believe half of them! Hermans a pretty polite name for the little sod, mind! And I fixed the ipod at last.
    All the best.

  2. Hi Jeni
    Love the ‘raw meaty bones’ of your programmes, especially yesterdays 🙂
    We have just taken our cat to the vets after finding a rash, not sure if we can change her diet though since she is on a very specialised diet due to health problems. I will be putting some information on my cat website though.
    Great stuff : )

  3. Hello Jeni,
    Fully agree with your view on pet food, Jackson can’t pick his own food so it’s up to me!
    Please can you come to Manchester at some point this year and do one of your shows?
    I’m moving house in July so any time after that would be the icing on the cake.
    Love your show by the way and try to catch it most days.
    Hymie xx

  4. Hi Jeni
    I agree on the pet food thing too, I know most people (not pet owners) would find it disgusting but Ruby shares my ice cream and yogurt….and yes off the same spoon 🙂
    Much Love
    Marmite xx

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