4 give ness

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I think this blogging lark is remarkable, even if I am a twit when it comes to the workings of it.
I watched a wonderful documentary about the world wide web, the internet, and freedom of communication. For a long time I have harboured a bitterness towards Mr. Stephen Fry, his refusal to acknowledge anything that isn’t SCIENCE, with a capital ‘S’, but every time I see him talking, so eloquently, about things I can scarcely understand I really have to bow down to him.
His comments about the webs possibilities and Sir Tim Berners Lee, who created the www, made my heart sing. Anything that enables people to have freedom of speech and access to knowledge has to be applauded.
I watched ‘QI’ as an act of redemption, as I laughed I felt the liberation that comes with finally letting go. Mr. Fry believes what he believes and I have my own set of values. Hurrah that we can share the same air waves.

Obviously I have been thinking about the fury surrounding my broadcast on the MMR jab, a whole year ago now, how could I not, since Dr. Wakefield was in the news on Friday. They were sitting in judgement on his research which he conducted some ten years ago.
I know that Dr. Goldacre and Mr.Fry will be delighted that Dr. Wakefield has been found guilty of misconduct, scaremongering and whatever else they decided to throw at him. But the good Doctor was working on behalf of many unscientific parents who wanted him to research into possible links between the MMR jab and their childrens autisim.
That’s all that is needed – RESEARCH- why are the drug companies so affeared of criticism? Why is the scientific community so backfooted by dissenters?
Sometimes I worry that if I say the wrong thing I will be tied to a pile of hornbeam and set light to.
Last week I had a massage by a Thai Dula. She had been aprrenticed to a 90 year-old-woman, in Bangkok, where for five years she was taught the healing arts. They had to do it underground lest they were discovered as witches and severly punished.
Is that the way forward for humanity that we destroy, imprison, and silence anybody who thinks differently.
I visited a mother who lost her 23 year old daughter on January 8th. We went up into the attic where her daughter had slept. Her young life was laid out on the bed, clothes, jewellery, books, shoes. Her friends were coming and taking pieces to remember her by.
And that’s why I forgive Stephen Fry, he humiliated me I crumbled in his presence, it’s hard not to take criticism personally, it’s hard not be hurt when people challenge the very core of your belief system but, I would rather be engaged in a lively battle than not be around to battle at all.
It makes no never mind that my critics could care less about my forgiveness, but it don’t ‘alf make me feel better. If forgiveness is an act of selfishness then I’m happy to be self-serving.
Have a lovely next week. I’m talking to an intuitive GP on Tuesday. I have no idea what it entails but I’m looking forward to it. A scientist who believes in the invisible world, now thats what I call provocative.
Bring it on I say, there’s room for all of us isn’t there?.

4 thoughts on “4 give ness”

  1. Forgiveness does you good, or as Carrie Fisher would say “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”
    Lovenhugs Fee xxx

  2. You just still do not get it do you? You are as bad as Wakefield et al. You really do not deserve to be on the airwaves. Why can’t you just admit you were misled and mistaken. But no, you will just cling on to your ingrained belief that MMR causes Autism. Tell me this, why is Autism also on the rise in Japan where MMR vacine is not used?
    Forgiveness? You might well be offering it, you should realy be asking for it.

  3. Jenni,
    The issue is you do not appear to have all of the facts at hand.
    Despite Andrew Wakefield being a charlatan, he performed unnecessary procedures on children including colonoascopies and spinal taps. His research was based on bias, nonsense and he has endangered the lives of thousands of children.
    Belief is one thing but evidence is another. You seem to be an educated woman and I find it staggering that you can deny the massive amounts of peer-reviewed evidence that proves beyond a doubt that you are wrong.

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