Up and Away game

Yesterday I cried on air.
The topic: the lack of after care for servicemen who arrive back in England having done tours of duty.
Alcohol abuse amongst the youngest, depression and Trauma amongst the least educated, paranoia and anxiety amongst the rest, not to mention a damaged immune system from the victims of ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ who were used as human guinea pigs by The MOD to test out new vaccines and tablets.
All my contributors were men who were suffering from one or the other of a litany of damaging conditions.
I don’t approve of war, I especially don’t approve of war when it uses young men as cannon fodder or as lab-mice for new drugs.
The men said the ‘NHS’ had no way of helping them since they had no experience of surviving in a war zone.
18 years of 3 hours sleep a night, with a knife under your pillow. 18 years of anxiety, paranoia and guilt, 18 years of living a half life.
By the time my last caller revealed how one session with a trained NLP councilor had turned him round I started to blub. He said the birth of his daughter made him look at his behaviour and his anger.
Just exactly what are we fighting for in Afhhanistan and Iraq? Whose war is it anyway?
NO MORE WAR such a feint naive cry heard in the midst of arms deals.

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Unusual traveling experiences.

It was one of them days. A car ride there, a tube ride here, a three hour show, a walk to Waterloo, a train ride back, a car trip to Battersea Arts Centre, a bus ride back to Leicester Square. An evening of quick changes from Arturo Brachetti, then a walk through St. james Park, … Read more

Sees fruit and leaves….

23.40. Dark outside although there is a quarter moon. The new road lay out by St. Thomas’s hospital is just a little confusing I nearly drove into the Plaza Hotel. Drove Bee back to Hackney. Right across London. Over Southwark Bridge, through Shoreditch, down the Kingsland Road . Every time I get to Aldgate and … Read more

Question Crime

The father of my daughter and I went to see ‘End Game.’ It was intense, cerebral, dark and worth a visit if you really know the play. Simon McBurney, he of ‘Complicite’ played one character, Mark Rylance, he of ‘The Globe’, played another, and Miriam Margoyles sat in a dustbin with her husband, Tom Hickey, in another.
Becket is a wonderful writer, but I felt that the only one who really got it was Mr. Hickey, who played the Irish dark humour deftly, it’s like dancing at a wake, the juxtaposition of bleak and funny, there was not enough funny.
I nodded off as did the man sitting next to me. I kept nudging him to wake up, good job it was the old git.

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All Change.

Foster carers, Menopause, and the lap-top generation, not to mention Travis Payne, Michael Jackson’s choreographer.
That was on the menu today at LBC.
I pre-recorded Travis, a little nervous as I’m not a Michael jackson nut, although I do appreciate his brilliance. I went to Google and could only find a little bit about Mr. Payne, wahey! I thought, was he trying to hide something?
In the event he was a God-fearing dancer who had made good. If I ever feel like taking up the samba he’s my man. Humble, gorgeous, friendly, funny and touched by Michael…

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Disgusted from TWells.

So there’s this reverend in Tunbridge Wells who says that playing Tina Turner at funerals is un-Christian and that the removal of sacred music is the beginning of the end. ‘Death to Death’ he said, he said he feels like a lemon when families read out badly written self- penned poems about their nans. The … Read more

Postal traumatic stress.

Am I the only person in England who cares about the Postal workers, it felt like it today. After many of your calls this afternoon I can see why members of the CWU feel abandoned and lonely in their struggle for fairness. I cannot believe how heartless Lord Mandelson is, I cannot believe how devious … Read more

Hunker Munker

The cold sun is shining on the cottage wall, even the clematis looks chilly. I have just come back from my Mr. Bibby who has finally taken my body in hand. Apparently the chiropractor re-activated an old sprain, that’s been the cause of my bpdy’s total melt down, all me bits and pieces have been … Read more

Little Voice

Thank you to all of you for your suggestions of drugs and care…I am off to my cranial osteopath on Saturday so hopefully my fat ankle will deflate.
And yes I have read my audio blog myself glitches and all.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzz made me laugh, I bet you say that to all the girls.
But now for tonights offering.

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The walking wounded

There has been chicken casserole and champagne going on. There has been Alison Moyet, Jackie Collins and The Cove all wonderful people. There has been so much pain from the wretched chiropractor that the cooking of the above and the talking of the aforesaid has been a nightmare. Three hours in the LBC chair not … Read more