The walking wounded

There has been chicken casserole and champagne going on.
There has been Alison Moyet, Jackie Collins and The Cove all wonderful people.
There has been so much pain from the wretched chiropractor that the cooking of the above and the talking of the aforesaid has been a nightmare.
Three hours in the LBC chair not only exacerbated the deep vein thrombosis but it seriously encouraged pains in my neck, shoulders, ankle, lower back and head whilst definately increasing the pain in the proverbial.
Take Neurofen I hear you scream, NEUROWHAT? Them scientists will attack me for being hypocritical and weak.
However, this morning it’s just the neck that is killing me, I am attempting to walk into work but I may have to resort to the 107, Victoria Line and beans on toast in Fiouri.
The old git has gone to a farm in Dengeoness with the Young Vic. I think he feels like he’s going on an infant school outing.
B is meeting me after work for coffee and then I am off to see ‘Little Voice’. I haven’t got a clue whether the young X Factor blonde – Diane vickers – will hack it but Lesley Sharp and Mark Warren are dead god on the telly, so we’ll see.
My audio book, about the last few weeks of ‘Good Food Live’, is being published on ITunes I think, I don’t understand the technology, but when it’s up and running I’ll let you know.
As far as my appalling blogging record goes, I’m sorry, all my regulars keep nagging after me. The achy body has got in the way.
The roomie is leaving in three weeks. It has been a rough ride, well you win some and lose some, this won escaped me.
I’m off to get ready now, have a good day yo’all and cul8tr.

5 thoughts on “The walking wounded”

  1. Dear Jeni,
    I hope you are feeling your “old” self again soon. Sounds like you need another holiday – the last one didn’t quite do the trick.
    Sending you sunshine and strength 🙂

  2. Hello Jeni,
    A few years ago I suffered with really bad aching joints, my GP thought it was Gout when it attacked parts of my feet or knee. The pain was unbearable and even the duvet over my foot was the worst pain ever. Anyway, he perscribed ‘Diclofenac Sodium Coated Tablets’ 50mg and they’re specifically for Acute Rheumatic pain. One, 3 times a day and after two days the pain has gone completely. Hope this is of help and you are able to obtain them from your GP. Other friends and family have asked they’re Doctor about them and once they’ve taken them they too are free from pain.
    Have a great weekend,
    Hymie x

  3. Jeni, I used to have chiropractic procedures but they became too harsh for me so I am now under a very good osteopath who does a bit of cranial too; he did some kind of abdominal deep prodding and cured me of my overeating too – amazing but true!
    (Dardar’s Tisha) lol

  4. Jeni,
    Can’t wait for the GFL audio book! Are you reading it yourself? I’ll be buying it for sure!

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