Hunker Munker

The cold sun is shining on the cottage wall, even the clematis looks chilly.
I have just come back from my Mr. Bibby who has finally taken my body in hand. Apparently the chiropractor re-activated an old sprain, that’s been the cause of my bpdy’s total melt down, all me bits and pieces have been compensating. So the numbness, aches, pains and general malaise is the result of a too strenuous chriopraprick.
Had I been a martial arts fanatic, used to falling on the mat, used to being thrown around by other martial artists I would have coped but I am a broadcaster who is only used to throwing her voice and weight around.
Today the old git and I were gardening, mowing, picking up the apples, pulling down the nettles, cutting back the mint and digging over the comfrey BUT, and it’s a bloomin frustrated BUT that’s all quivery and put out, he needs me and I am out of action. The Bibby says I am not allowed to do anything in case the re-activation is just that or more serious damage.
I am thankful that I have had my psychsomatic pains properly diagnosed.
So the fire has been laid, the grey clouds are coming in – which makes me feel less guilty about not gardening – the chicken casserole is on a very slow cook and the television timetable has been worked out.
We’ve just had scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh bread and fresh coffee, so my body feels like one wide grin.,
The cottage has evnveloped me and I am about to hunker down with the husband.
Not even any papers to read, its a timeless day perfect for a crumpled body.
Have a good one yourself.

1 thought on “Hunker Munker”

  1. Hi Jeni
    Me too. Too much dashing around, brain buzzing with things to do and in what order to do them so I’m following your example and just having a very restful Sunday.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Best wishes

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