we see you

We see you
I cant sleep, so I’ve had a mug of pea soup, finished up watching ‘Argylle’ and read the headlines.
Am I going mad or is Netanyahu unhinged? He has fired something or other onto somewhere or other in Iran. he said he wouldn’t
He lied.
Has he ignited yet another blue touch paper?
Does he want a world war?
Does he actually care about the rest of us?
Him and his greedy, arrogant war criminals, with their buttoned collars and certainty, do what they want.
He is opposed by so many but still carries on.
He wishes to be remembered for saving the Jews. Not in my name.
He will be remembered, for slaughtering thousands upon thousands of people he doesn’t like.
6 million Jews were gassed, shot, slaughtered, Netanyahu seeks revenge for that genocide, I plaintively cry ‘You are doing the same.’
I would like to stand and look up at him and say mildly ‘What are you doing you unhinged arsehole?’
I would like to stand on a stool so I could look him in the eye and hold his gaze and ask him
‘What you are thinking as you shoot, maim and kill? What are you thinking as you make judgements, hands in pockets, smiling superciliously?
And then I read that doctors in the UK will not be allowed to hand out sick notes because the British people are not working hard enough.
So sayeth our Prime Minister, he of the billion dollar bank account who has as much empathy as a hyena.
I would like him to stand on a stool so I could look him in his frightened eyes and say,
‘What the fuck are you doing you simpering little kunt, just what are doing on behalf of your motherland?’
I would like to speak mildly and ask him just how much does he know about survival in his Britain.
How much does he know of child poverty and grim, damp flats.
What does he think people are doing in Middlesborough or Newham, or Port Talbot? For all his donning of yellow jackets and hard hats, he knows nothing of the inner workings of the country he is systematically destroying .
I am sick and tired of looking at Tory scumbags who degrade the very nature of politics.
I am weary from one scandal after another.
I’m waiting for something to happen.
An election?
Another resignation?
A bomb under the Palace of Westminster.
I am so, so angry at being at the mercy of leaders who are fucking up our lives, taking away peoples courage and hope whilst drip feeding them anxiety and terror.
We live in a world that is crying and we are stupid enough to vote for the very people who are assisting in its dying.
A smoking ban that Liz Truss believes is taking away liberty.
A smoking ban to save the health of our nation for years to come.
Good I say. Good but that’s not the issue now is it?
While cigarettes grab the headlines what about oil and gas and sewage and fake news? Councils running out of money, schools running out of teachers, hospitals running out of life changing drugs whilst the man who calls himself Prime Minister is running out of ideas: Let’s ban fags whilst the rest of Rome burns.
Cambridge educated wankers who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.
I would like Netanyahu to stand on a pile of Gazan Rubble and feel the fear. I would like him to be embraced by a Palestinian orphan. I would like his legs and one arm to be blown off by an Israeli sniper and then wait for hours and hours and hours for a hospital to be built so he can be mended by a Palestinian doctor.
I would like Sunak to live in a tent. I would like Sunak’s children to be taught in a sink school without lavatories. I would like his billionaire wife to stand in the centre of a food bank and be made to talk to single parent families about menus. I would like her to sit in A&E waiting for 12 hours whilst her husband cries in pain. I would like her to travel in an ambulance with paramedics who have been working 27 hours a day. I would like all the arrogant cabinet ministers to shut the fuck up and listen to the population who have lost hope. I would like Boris Johnson, and all his children, be made to live in a hotel room. To be put on a waiting list for housing, to be stripped of his dignity. To be stripped of a future.
I am so, so angry at my powerlessness to disable the Trumps, the Farages, the Netanyahus’, the Trusses, the Bravermans, the disgusting Tices of the world who believe their own filth.
Soon they will be on the losing side and then we have to believe that whoever sits in government will care.
We need to be kind.
We need to spread love.
We need to be united.
We need to be caring for each other and the planet
We need to open our eye and hearts and hurry up being responsible human beings before we forget what it feels like to be decent.
Oi! Sunak we see you
Oi! Netanyahu we see you too.
The eyes of the world are watching.

3 thoughts on “we see you”

  1. Starmer is as bad in complying with the rest of the west’s apologia instead of real policies. Most of those in Westminster are so very far from reality.
    Btw – you don’t need to stand on a stool for Sunak, just on tippy toes … 😉

  2. Oh Jeni you always articulate so well exactly how I feel. I feel sad reading your passionate words. Surely there are more of “us” than there are of “them”? There are little acts of kindness out there I keep telling myself. Like the wonderful human being who carried my suitcase up fifteen flights of stairs when both lifts were out of order! Keep writing Jeni please darling girl.💕


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