Question Crime

The father of my daughter and I went to see ‘End Game.’ It was intense, cerebral, dark and worth a visit if you really know the play. Simon McBurney, he of ‘Complicite’ played one character, Mark Rylance, he of ‘The Globe’, played another, and Miriam Margoyles sat in a dustbin with her husband, Tom Hickey, in another.
Becket is a wonderful writer, but I felt that the only one who really got it was Mr. Hickey, who played the Irish dark humour deftly, it’s like dancing at a wake, the juxtaposition of bleak and funny, there was not enough funny.
I nodded off as did the man sitting next to me. I kept nudging him to wake up, good job it was the old git.

And so the filth, known as Nick Griffin, has just chewed his lips, smiled inanely and tried to defend himself on ‘Question Time’. Whether he should have been given air space is one debate, how he used the air time is more important.
Its not just that he is racist, it’s his mean spirited nastiness that comes across. His complete inability to understand that underneath a skin beats the heart of a human being. Shakespeare was writing about it in the ‘MERCHANT OF VENICE’ over 500 years ago. There is nothing new in one group of people trying to wrestle control away from another. But back in the 1500’s we hadn’t fought a war where millions of people were gassed for their sexual orientation, the colour of their skin or their religion. Hitler was unstable, Griffin is not. Griffin is dangerously innocuous. He strikes at the very root of the fear that is spinning around our country like barbed wire.
Our World has 195 countries, as I write there are 134 wars going on, so by my calculation 68% of our Globe is at war with itself.
Until we are prepared to lay down arms. Until we are prepared to take up peace not war, until we are truly committed to making the World a safer place for the next generation and the next and the next then dangerous fools like Griffin will stake a claim in the empty headed.
But from the ridiculous to the sublime. Tomorrow I’m interviewing Mel C, I’d better do some homework otherwise I may get my spices mixed up…..

4 thoughts on “Question Crime”

  1. The banality of evil. Truly worrying saw the Alan Cumming show on The Real Cabaret (BBC4) which made it cristall clear that in the event ridicule was not enough.

  2. I didn’t see the Question Time episode as we were in the middle of a family party. And, as I have yet to join the 21st century with it’s skyplus boxes, I doubt I ever will see it. But then, I’m not sure I want that kind of bigoted, bullying crap spouted in my house.
    I know ignoring the problem will make it worse, but should arseholes like this really be allowed to sell their poisoned apples on the B.B.C. anyway?

  3. Sorry, Good to hear from you Kirsten. I know what you mean. I also had an unexpected menopause due to surgery 3 years ago. Bloody awful, isn’t it? Steaming hot when there’s frost outside and the windows are wide open. Everyone in the house freezing and me radiating heat like a blast furnace.
    Keep on laughing at it, don’t let it get too serious, I find the damn doctors serious enough for us all!
    If you’re having flushes, Jeni, It’s probably Scarlattis fault. Play a little Chopin for a while! Did you see the Leeds? Worthy winner, that girl. But last weeks man, playing the Emperor, wow. Talk about drawing you in. From the first note his phrasing was perfect.

  4. Hi Rhianon, I can so relate! 🙂 I was at the theatre on Monday, (‘Speaking in Tongues’ – very good), & my friend said she could feel the heat emanating from me. I now travel everywhere with a battery-operated fan, a very pretty Japanese hand-fan & a small case of tissues & I don’t think my winter clothes will see daylight this year. 🙂
    Jeni, hope you’re having a restful weekend.

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