ken and jacky….

With a salami sausage in one hand and four little oatcakes in the other it’s a little tricky writing this blog, but here goes anyway.
I have just come in from The National Theatre.
A memorial evening for Ken Campbell.
The great and the good turned up, paid their fiver, took their seats at 7.30 and laughed and clapped until 11.30 when the last of us left. Leaving behind memories, old friends and a very expensive cap in row J.
A huge picture of Ken presided over the proceedings.

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Mr & Mrs Humid-Efiar and their daughter Dee

22.21 Sunday Night.
I am ashamed to say that the weekend is now ‘Strictly Come Howsyourfather’ then more rubbish with ‘X Factor’.
The weather was so lovely this weekend,but still the old git and meself had to go shopping in TWells to buy a new dehumidifier, however lovely the weather is the cellar smelt like a shitake farm.
We bought the last De Longhi humidifier from ‘Comet’ on the industrial estate.
After a coffee and egg mayo sandwich in the sun, opposite the new butchers on The High Street, we drove home. Jim fixed up the new machine and I set about organising everything around it. I had watched a film about a stairway in Sweden that has been made into a piano. More than 66% of people are dancing up the piano rather than use the escalator, old, young, fat, thin, single or paired it seems we all like running up and down the scale. The Swedes are changing peoples habits with fun.

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Baxter’s Night

Where do I begin? Tomorrow I am going to a book launch in a cemetery! This evening I watched THE COVE about the slaughtering of dolphins, every September, in Taiji in Japan. Today we talked about Rape, Pets as Therapy and freeing up our children so that they can become whole human beings. I went … Read more

Soup for supper

Why did i write bout Jane Bergermeister? Because I think any information that comes to me that may illuminate our troubled times is worth a punt. Today I did travel, travel and more travel. Barcelona and me. Tonight I am going to see funny women being funny in Battersea. They had better be since I … Read more

What conspiracy theory is the website for Jane Bergermeister. Whatever you feel about conspiracy theories you must watch this video in the interests of your own health and your childrens. THE HABIT OF OBEDIENCE is what most of us have adopted in our society, with precious few of us having the guts to make autonomous decisions. We … Read more


Boil for an hour in vinegar. Put them on the window sill to dry. Take them round to the butchers, Catz in Brick Lane, or anyone who has a proper vice and drill. String em up and remember what it was like when you were young and kids actually played conkers. Last night I was … Read more