Sees fruit and leaves….

23.40. Dark outside although there is a quarter moon.
The new road lay out by St. Thomas’s hospital is just a little confusing I nearly drove into the Plaza Hotel. Drove Bee back to Hackney. Right across London. Over Southwark Bridge, through Shoreditch, down the Kingsland Road . Every time I get to Aldgate and pass Toynbee Hall it takes me back to being four.
Piano lessons, watery custard and Blooms. How they could have closed the best Kosher restaurant in town to make way for a Burger King? No foresight if you ask me.
The garden at home is under a layer of leaves. Red ones, greens some as crisp as your bread. I wanted to mow the lawn but it was too wet. Collected up so many windfalls the kitchen smells like a cider factory, lovely that sweet smell of apples.
No fire necessary so I settled down to watch my Saturday evening bunkum. But I’m finding it hard to hang in now.
‘X Factor’ is boring and pathetic, ‘Strictly’ is beginning to get on my wick too. Whatever will I do with my Saturday nights if I fall out of love with both programmes.
Am reading Sue Townsends’s latest. ‘Adrian Mole the Prostrate Years.’ it’s laugh out loud funny.
The weekend was far too short, what with the clocks going back and us only having one night in the cottage.
Still the new little gardener is shaping up and next door are getting a cockadoodle.
We’ve offered to babysit and Jim’s services as The Dog Whisperer have been requested.
Only one week left with the lodger and then I can run around naked again. Watch out Chelsea here I come…..

2 thoughts on “Sees fruit and leaves….”

  1. after watching X Factor this week I don’t think the British public should be allowed to vote in parlimentary elections anymore! and since when have U2 and Ricky Martin been big band! I can’t watch aaaahhh!
    Love Marmite xx

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