Unusual traveling experiences.

It was one of them days.
A car ride there, a tube ride here, a three hour show, a walk to Waterloo, a train ride back, a car trip to Battersea Arts Centre, a bus ride back to Leicester Square. An evening of quick changes from Arturo Brachetti, then a walk through St. james Park, in the dark. Jim was prepared with two tickets rolled up, as a weapon, in case we got attacked by a squirrel or a St. James pelican.
The big trees, lit from the ground up, look magnificent. The leaves are dying but they’re hanging on whilst carpeting St. James with red, orange, brown and gold. Them autumn leaves are a joy to behold.
A dash for the 170 to the flat, then it was off with the clothes, in with the chicken, out with the rubbish, down with the duvet and away with the fairies.
night night.