All Change.

Foster carers, Menopause, and the lap-top generation, not to mention Travis Payne, Michael Jackson’s choreographer.
That was on the menu today at LBC.
I pre-recorded Travis, a little nervous as I’m not a Michael jackson nut, although I do appreciate his brilliance. I went to Google and could only find a little bit about Mr. Payne, wahey! I thought, was he trying to hide something?
In the event he was a God-fearing dancer who had made good. If I ever feel like taking up the samba he’s my man. Humble, gorgeous, friendly, funny and touched by Michael…

I was deeply embarrassed about doing the menopause but in the end I found my voice. Talking about aging, HRT, periods and ovaries is not what you, or I, necessarily want over lunch but Dr. Marilyn Glenville, our neutritionist and expert in all things femail, was inspirational.
A new survey revealed that Doctors are only giving women half the information about treating the menopause. Why? Because the received wisdom is that when we women grow up we are all in need of HRT, that we are whinging naggers who cry and sweat, turn into men and go off rumpy pumpy. There are loads of alternative ways of meeting the menopause head on but most of us don’t know what they are because we believe that doctors know best. It’s time for women to take their life into their own hands. It’s not written in stone that turning into an old crone is miserable. I laughed through my hot flushes – although Wendy in Boreham Wood reminded me that toilets flush and we have ‘Tropical Moments’. Debbie in Essex calls them ‘Power Surges.’
If there are societies out there where women sail through their life changes, and there are, then why shouldn’t we be able to?
Dr. Marilyn was clear that HRT works for some, not all, that black cohosh works for some, not all, that we are all individuals and we come at life differently. If we are given ALL the information then we can make our own choices. Dr. Marilyn’s treatments can be expensive, but it’s relative aint it? I’d rather take out a loan for my well being than a loan for a kitchen. But then that’s me.
Jury’s wont be the same in a few years time because the internet generation can’t listen for very long. Our attention span is diminishing. The hippocampus in a taxi drivers brain is bigger than average because they have developed their memory from doing the ‘Knowledge’. The musician hears better because they have developed their aural skills so when Lord Chief Justice said he’s worried about the lap-top listeners he’s right.
I talked to an expert who said that our Nature doesn’t change but our consciousness does and it seems that we are becoming less, not more, conscious. We have more information but what we are we doing with it?
So there we have it. Listen more and tap, tap, tap less. Listen more and try and memorize stuff. The instant gratification of our new world is destroying our ability to remember things – now where was I….

4 thoughts on “All Change.”

  1. Hi Jeni, I’ve just been catching up on your words of wisdom, joy, anger & sadness. I hope you are feeling better. I’m sorry I missed Dr Marilyn on your show. I’ve been thrown headlong into a premature menopause because of the surgery, treatment & medication & I have to say it is an absolute NIGHTMARE! I can’t any treatment for it, whether alternative or otherwise & as much as I laugh about it with my friends, I HATE it. The hot flushes & night sweats leave me soaked through. I can no longer wear makeup, because it slides off my face & in case anyone reading this is tut-tutting right now, yes, I am aware there are more important things in life. But I always liked being a woman & right now I don’t remember what that felt like & I don’t recognise the creature I see in the mirror. Hopefully, it will get better, but right now, I envy those women who seem to sail through the menopause without any difficulties.
    Anyhoo, enough of my whinging. I’m sending you vast amounts of love & light through the ‘puter. Look after yourself.

  2. Mine kicked off after surgery so I went down the alternative route with no success and finally HRT which helps a bit and 6 years later I still have hot is VILE.I too envy the ones who have no symptoms.I do hope you stay strong because the mind is the best medicine in this case.

  3. Thanks for giving me a giggle Marmite, a friend today said they’re power surges!
    Hi Louise, I am doing my best; I moan & whinge & then get up & carry on! 🙂

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