enough already

I was exonerated over the MMR jab. Now I’m receiving abusive emails from people who are rudely accusing me of dodging the bullets. Having been taken out to dinner by a celebrity scientist and then royaly shafted over my gulls eggs I have decided not to have anything to do with cruel people who hide … Read more

sunday in the smoke

The River Thames is very hight tonight. I am on thr balcony. Jim is reading me the television listings and i can hear the eaters from the nearby restauarant. This morning walked to the Butcher and Grill in the yellow heat. Battersea felt Andalucian this morning until I talked to the Butcher about Ian Dury … Read more

nearly Nine

The weather feels like it did when I was a child. The air heavy and the scent of dog roses in the air. I sat on the balcony of the flat and shaded my eyes from the sun as Jimbo told me about his fourth day at the office. BB is flat hunting, the agent … Read more

early birds

I’ve just seen a film the young woman got up at 5.30 every morning to write her blog which became the very film I saw. I’n setting my alarm.

witch way is up?

what are witches? What is it to be a pagan, wicca, druid type person? Are there more unusual folks out there than meets the eye? I think so and I’m lucky enough to attract all of them to my programme. Sometimes I worry I am in the wrong place, today I knew I wasn’t. I … Read more

Here today Scones tomorrow

The perfect scone. Two halves – warmed Raisins and currants. Jar of cream. Jar of raspberry jam. Roadside caff in Pimlico. Cup of frothy coffee. Three new books. Warm sun. Taxi back. A quiet evening. Send your thoughts to Tehran, whatever mess you’re in it can’t be as bad as the mess that Achmanismad has … Read more


Tonight B and I went from Clapham South to St. Pancras, How things have changed. The train sped through Kentish Town, West Hampstead, Hendon, Mill Hill, Cricklewood, not necessarily in that order, and then Elstree and Boreham wood. I used to stand on the bridge and let the steam of the train go up my … Read more


I wore green today and walked fast. i fell over last night and knackered my right knee, the last two times I grazed my left knee. I thought I was losing it, NO, said my acupuncturist, you just need to be grounded she said.So she put needles in my big toes, bellie, arms and wrists. … Read more

Ben Dearnley

Tonight B and I went to see her best friends project in Mayfair. It may sound grand, well it was actually, but they arn’t It’s a wonderful set of sculptors by BEN DEARNLEY. Sportsmen and women that he has cast in bronze and marble. The torsos of Ade Adepitan, Christiner Ohuruogu, Marc Foster and Debbie … Read more

gardenin’ sunday

the top shed hasn’t been looked at since 1988. There were more spiders than in Regents Park reptile house. Seven bags of flowers pots and forty eight tons of rubbish. Jim bought me a coffee at the garden centre then we planted up HANDEL, a blousey rose, a scented jasmine and a spindly climber from … Read more