witch way is up?

what are witches?
What is it to be a pagan, wicca, druid type person?
Are there more unusual folks out there than meets the eye?
I think so and I’m lucky enough to attract all of them to my programme.
Sometimes I worry I am in the wrong place, today I knew I wasn’t.
I have to learn to use the word allegedly and apparently since I am skating on thin ice, mostly, but rather that than wading up to my neck in sludge.
I’ve eaten far too much chocolate, had too little sleep but now that B has dumped her errant boy friend and my eldest girl is sorted I feel ready to lie down, watch some telly, read me book and contemplate the weekend with the old git.
Thank you all for being there.

3 thoughts on “witch way is up?”

  1. I am a priest in the Witchcraft religion. Our religion pre-dates stonehenge, yule became the christian Christmas, easter was named after the pagan esostar, our lammas became the christian harvest festival,and so on, they took everything from us, then called our gods devils, to scare the general public in a take over bid, and they did a very good job, but thankfully their lies are slowly becomming known. The church is also silent on the finding of the himas scroll, which tells of jesus studing both buddism and hinduism in india, between 13 and 30 years of age, jesus preached hinduism, which the christian founder named christian, after christ which means the anointed one, to be anointed in spirit. the truth about jesus came into europe via the gypies who entered from northern india and were shiva and kali worshippers. no wonder the church tried to burn, drownd, torture to death the europe witches who not only knew the truth about their lie, but the witches were healing, and performing magic akin to that of jesus. witches believe in a god and goddess, women are held in high respect, and run the coven, the church feared women, wutchcraft teaches that all is divinity, yes even you, me, everyone,and that you have to seek it within yourself, you cannot go through someone else to get there, the church was scared of loosing control, and very scared of the general public finding out the truth about their low dealings, so they went on a murdering rampage across europe killing over two million people in the name of christ. as my father said, if their is a devil, its the church.

  2. Hi Jeni, I thought the show yesterday you did on Witches and Wicca was great. I’ve only heard scattered thoughts and ideas on these topics previously, so as always I learned something new. It’s really inspired me in some areas so I really must say thank you for doing some great shows.
    I will be listening out this afternoon (Friday) for your next set of topics which I am really looking forward too.
    ~ Steven

  3. Never forget, Jen, we’re always here for you. Only disembodied text on a computerised screen, the most unreal of communications, I know, but we’re here and we’re your army.
    Funny bunch of buggers we are, too!
    All the best to you and yours,

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