Tonight B and I went from Clapham South to St. Pancras,
How things have changed. The train sped through Kentish Town, West Hampstead, Hendon, Mill Hill, Cricklewood, not necessarily in that order, and then Elstree and Boreham wood. I used to stand on the bridge and let the steam of the train go up my skirt, now the station entrance has moved and there’s not a billow off smoke in sight.
We got caught in such a heavy down pour my rain-mac let the water in and my trainers squelched there way into the living room carpet.
B drove us back in her revamped car, then set off to her flat in Brixton. I set about eating the biggest salad this side of San Diego.
I am now going to bed; my acupuncturist is off to Norshoping for Midsummer so I had to catch up on her needles. I am old, I am old, I will wear the bottom of my trousers rolled, if T.S.Eliot can wear them like that, then so can I.
night night.

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  1. Hiya All,
    Just started re-reading ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouak. I’d forgotten how thrilling a book it is. I’m also reading ‘The Rocking City’ by Sammy Leach, the Beatles first ever promoter in Liverpool. I met him last year in The Grapes pub in Mathew Street and he’s a real joy to talk to. One of the other books on the go is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ which is so heartbreaking. Everything from Boo Radley to the court scenes, ah poor Tom. The whole thing and he never stood a chance.
    What are you reading at the moment, Jeni?
    Anyway, hope you’re all fit and well, and a big hello to Kirsten.

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