enough already

I was exonerated over the MMR jab. Now I’m receiving abusive emails from people who are rudely accusing me of dodging the bullets.
Having been taken out to dinner by a celebrity scientist and then royaly shafted over my gulls eggs I have decided not to have anything to do with cruel people who hide behind their verbosity.
We have proper debates on my programme on LBC.
Today we talked about Sharia Law, potentially a firecracker of a topic.
Nobody abused anybody.
Everybody contributed something and nobody hacked into anyones heart.
We talked about prayer, and the BMA’s decision to review whether or not a nurse or a doctor can offer prayer for a patient.
Nobody insulted anybody’s intelligence, nobody mocked or slandered anybody’s position.
We talked about the Wimbledon Babes and the policy of putting pretty LADIES on the centre court. I am a dyed in the wool feminist but I didn’t insult Russel Hargreaves, our sports reporter, we had a giggle.
So if anybody else from the science lobby wants to have a pop I will only respond if you are civil.
In the words of The Swedish playwrite, John Fiske; if you cant be good be quiet…

4 thoughts on “enough already”

  1. Dear Jeni,
    Been away for a long time so I must have missed your blog telling us about your gig on Too many cooks. Welcome back to our screens what a breath of fresh air ,seeing you flirt with Gino de Campo is such fun. You look sensational. How do you fit it all in with your radio show and all the other things you do.
    All the best to you and your family. Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation.

  2. Hi Jeni,
    There is nothing nicer than…well, just being nice. Some people think its clever to be rude and to get away with being dishonest.
    I am back in London next week. Been invited to a do by the Korean Ambassador. Thought it was a leg-pull but its true!!
    Chrissie xx

  3. Tell the science people they are idiots, dont list to them, you rule Jeni
    Love the show.

  4. Now wait a minute…”Tell the science people they are idiots” is an appropriate comment but you won’t accept critical comments?
    Hypocrisy much?

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