nearly Nine

The weather feels like it did when I was a child. The air heavy and the scent of dog roses in the air.
I sat on the balcony of the flat and shaded my eyes from the sun as Jimbo told me about his fourth day at the office.
BB is flat hunting, the agent is thriving and I am reading two rather dear books at the moment. David Walliams’ kids book about a boy who wore a dress and the THE HUNGRY CYCLIST, written by a double barrelled adventurer.
My hairline is sweaty and my belly full of salad and Wimbledon. Why don’t I like Andy Murrey, is it because he looks so cold?
Time for some strawberries…..

1 thought on “nearly Nine”

  1. I know what you mean about Murray. But yesterday, I began seriously to admire because his tennis was so sublime … this was what happened with Agassi, Sampras and Federer – my initial impressions were not good but the skills in the end won me over and all three came across as nice guys. Murray has yet to convince on the nice guy front …

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