gardenin’ sunday

the top shed hasn’t been looked at since 1988.
There were more spiders than in Regents Park reptile house.
Seven bags of flowers pots and forty eight tons of rubbish. Jim bought me a coffee at the garden centre then we planted up HANDEL, a blousey rose, a scented jasmine and a spindly climber from the windwow sill.
I re-potted all my house plants and mopped the floor, there was more earth in the kitchen than in the garden.
I’m covered in insect bites, wounded from the rose thorns and starving.
Time for some nosh, book at bedtime then the grind stone tomorrow.

1 thought on “gardenin’ sunday”

  1. Hi Jeni,
    Last week I cleared out my garden shed too. I also cleared out all the stuff from under the stairs, what a shock I had when I discovered the previous owners fast a sleep, I thought they’d moved to York when I bought the house two years ago!!
    Next job is to clear the loft out so heaven knows what I’ll find there?
    Take care,
    Hymie x

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