Go to see Jude Law’s Hamlet, he carries it off. Ron Cook is terrific as Polonious. Penelope Wilton glides as Gertrude. I fell asleep during it because I do three hours live radio. DUET FOR ONE with Juliet Stevenson Henry Goodman is a testament to good acting and good writing. I went alone on Friday … Read more

Cantona cinema

27 degrees and I took the Clapham Junction route.
Down Falcon Road, on the train and then a sweet little trip to Waterloo.
There was a free SOUTH AFRICAN newspaper on the seat. A story about branding people on the buttocks who had HIV made we wonder about the sado masochistic nature of the human under stress.
When you go to bed with someone, it said, turn them round and look at their buttocks if they are branded – well you know the rest.

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It’s still only Tuesday

a boat ride in Brighton a car ride to work a train ride to London a walk in the park a trip to the movies a trip to a show It’s still on Tuesday So onwards we go…..