februry 3rd

Romance is on my mind. Hypnotherapist, Trevor Silvester, will be talking about lurve, lurve and more lurve. Richard Johnson will talk about aphrodisiacs and you will tell me the first romantic meal you ever cooked for you partner. Mine was a bacon sarnie. Typical…. Call me on 020 7224 2000 Text 81333 starting with LONDON. … Read more

Sinday 27th

Join me on BBC LONDON 94.9 from 9-12 and Talk to me. Apart from music and Ella Kenyon, delicious actress and comedienne, I am asking you WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE EVER HAD. And to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, do you have a Mezzuzah and why. Are you superstitious about the luck … Read more

Sunday and snow

Dear all, I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday. Just walked to the studio and the snow crunched under my feet. I had on silver slippers inside Jim’s charity shop blue crocs. They are rubbery and disgusting. Have just finished writing Potty Politics Four, read it to Dan The Man, who laughed. I … Read more


Snow, snow and even more snow. I opted to be driven into town by the dawter yesterday afternoon, fearing I wouldn’t make it on the roads this morning. We talked as the car slushed through the snow. Not a lot on the road. She dropped me off at Streatham High Road. I jumped on the … Read more

Deliciously wicked.

My homeopath gave me remedies for my gloom and blood sugar. After three days I felt completely different. She gave me SUGAR – i.e. treated like with like. Now I know a homeopathic remedy is not the same as taking three spoonfuls of refined white sugar – which is what we talked about on this … Read more


Just made my first you tube WATCH WIV MUVVER. Have a look. remember tomorow we’re taking food waste and autisim and living under the kosh. join me LONDON 94.9

In Hot Water

Thank you all for your comments on Sundays show. Esther is back, I’m back, the show is back, and there’s more this Sunday. When I know what it is you’ll be the second to know. The dawter – Ms BB James – was a guest on Jo Good’s show yesterday. My writing partner and I … Read more

Esther’s Return

The fog was foggy and the air damp. I left at 6.45. I filled up with petrol and decided that I would drive in for my first show back with the brilliant Esther Stanhope. Normally I listen to Radio 2 with Aled Jones, but he’s gone to telly land and Hardeep Singh Kohli is sitting … Read more