Deliciously wicked.

My homeopath gave me remedies for my gloom and blood sugar. After three days I felt completely different.
She gave me SUGAR – i.e. treated like with like. Now I know a homeopathic remedy is not the same as taking three spoonfuls of refined white sugar – which is what we talked about on this mornings show.
David Gillespie, author of ‘SWEET POISON’, flew in from Australia three days ago and blessed us with his company. I do believe he will change peoples lives with this simple but powerful book..
Read it and learn about the difference between glucose and fructose and learn how stopping sugar is like giving up nicotine.
Lucy Tobin, a 26 year-old powerhouse who has written a book called ‘AUSPERITY’, gave us tips on how to live on less and still have a full life. Read how you can go to the cinema for free and get paid for shopping!
The most wonderful Sophie Walker, author of ‘GRACE UNDER PRESSURE’ was my paper reviewer. She talked about dealing with a child on the autistic spectrum, whilst taking your calls. Your contributions were generous and fulsome.
Sophie will be back even if she does have to bend her knees to hug me and I have to stand on a chair to get my arms round her neck.
All the magic was overseen by the ridiculously brilliant Ms Stanhope. I do not know what she does, but whatever it is she makes the programme fun and Sunday morning feel worthwhile and excellent. I cannot thank the boss enough for giving her back to me, albeit till the end of March.
Nathan and Mark made up my team this morning. I love them.
Thank you all.
When I got home I ate left over salmon and broccoli then fell asleep on my back on the sitting room floor, my legs up on the armchair and my glasses on the top of my head.
I have just stepped out of a bath – pink from bath salts – and am about to meet Gods Gift in the kitchen.
he has made his signature pasta sauce….
I am reading ‘NO! I DON’T NEED READING GLASSES’ by Virginia Ironside. I cannot put it down even if the subject matter, aging, could be depressing. Ms Ironside is so funny she makes getting old almost fun. She is on the show next week.
LUCY SEIGLE, she of the Green persuasion and ‘One Show’ appearances, is doing my papers next week, we will be discussing what’s best to eat and do with your life style choices amongst other things.
I look forward to the pleasure of your company.
Esther’s touch is like having a fairy godmother on the case even if she did have a fat lip this week courtesy of Truman her son who accidentally bashed her mouth with his head, The Stanhope soldiered on though, as did Anna O’Neill who wasn’t 100%, get well soon deary.
As for me, I’m feeling a great deal better than I was. Tomorrow my writing partner and I edit the second draft of our comedy drama, then its onwards and upwards with meetings.
No rest for the deliciously wicked.

3 thoughts on “Deliciously wicked.”

  1. Most of what David Gillespie represents as science is research is cherry picked or flat out misrepresentations of research. Most health professionals agree people eat too much sugar and should cut down, but to claim that it is a poison and toxic is more of an opinion that anything based on quality research!

  2. I listened with interest to Davids words and that evening downloaded his book. First thing the next morning I went to the kitchen armed with bin bags and found to my horror everything seems to have added sugar in some form or another! Needless to say the cupboards are now bare, but I have every intention to limit as much as I can my intake of sugar. Off to the shops now to revamp my larder. I have added your show to my recordings as I love listening to you and your guests. Hope that helps.

  3. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page again.

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