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  1. ‘Mezuzah Mezuzah on the door’
    First of all, great show this Sunday Jeni and being Holocaust Memorial day, I found some of it quite moving. I have many books on the subject written by brave people who managed to survive and rebuild themselves a life anew and put the past behind them. We need this generation to be aware of what man is capable of doing and deal with issues as they arise before it’s too late.
    Mezuzah! I couldn’t stop smiling as didn’t expect you to discuss it on your show. We have one on all our doorways (besides the bathroom). The scroll is parchment and the prayer is written with a quill pen. The reason of the angle is simply due to a compromise between the early sages whether to fix it horizontal of vertical. We are meant to touch it and kiss our fingers as a constant reminder of G-d. I have never heard about an issue with purchasing the mezuzah and case at the same store, unless the case is sealed and you are unable to inspect the scroll to see if it’s a genuine one.
    Here’s a mezuzah joke for u! Being in the building trade, I tell my workers when preparing to decorate a Jewish home, to carefully remove the mezuzos and put them aside during the works. A few years ago, one of my new employees came up to me on a job and handed me 5 mezuzah cases and declared, ‘Here are the cases and I threw away the instructions’!!!
    Keep well Jeni,
    All my love,

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