Sunday and snow

Dear all, I haven’t been out of the house since Sunday. Just walked to the studio and the snow crunched under my feet. I had on silver slippers inside Jim’s charity shop blue crocs. They are rubbery and disgusting.
Have just finished writing Potty Politics Four, read it to Dan The Man, who laughed. I hope you do too when I post it later
This weeks Sunday show, brought to you by the delicious Esther Stanhope and yours truly, has the divinely brilliant Lucy Beresford talking relationships and not wanting to have babies.
Papers read by actress Ms Kenyon, funny, honest and perfect for a Sunday morning and a mystery guest that I haven’t been told about yet…
I’m wearing my woolley socks for you from 9-12 on BBC LONDON 94.9
Please phone me, its always good to talk to you on 020 7224 2000 or text 81333 starting your message with the word London.
Look forward to hearing from you.
I’m told to tell you to hit all my ‘You Tube’ #Potty Politics – you don’t have to watch Wiv Muvver again – but just get my numbers up, you never know I may even get paid one day!!!!
Happy Friday.