Sinday 27th

Join me on BBC LONDON 94.9 from 9-12 and Talk to me.
Apart from music and Ella Kenyon, delicious actress and comedienne, I am asking you
And to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, do you have a Mezzuzah and why.
Are you superstitious about the luck that goes in and out of your house.
Call me on
020 7224 2000 or text me 81333 starting with the word LONDON
look forward to chatting with you

2 thoughts on “Sinday 27th”

  1. Hi JenniI know you are trying to get your numbers up – as they say! – I listen to you via Virgin cable on my TV as here down in the south we cannot get you any other way -despite copious investment in DAB radios so my question is
    Do I and the many others who listen to you in this way count towards your numbers?

  2. I saw that the government wants to pull down high rise blocks of flats, so how about putting pensioners in them, then every 3-4 floors put some shops selling food stuffs then a few stories up soem sort of libary a hairessers and some where else some community area perhaps with dinners and tea in the afternoon..i’m sure many pensioners would love to be safe allowed in there homes to leave there windows open be able to meet up chat it would need security entrance and a caretaker but what but what a nice place to live. what do you think Jenni.

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