Snow, snow and even more snow.
I opted to be driven into town by the dawter yesterday afternoon, fearing I wouldn’t make it on the roads this morning.
We talked as the car slushed through the snow. Not a lot on the road.
She dropped me off at Streatham High Road. I jumped on the 133 and climbed off at Brixton Tube. The windows too steamy for me to see where we were. 6 stops later I was in Oxford Circus. Walked to Dean Street, signed into Grouchos and left for supper in China Town.
The snow in London ain’t like the snow in East Sussex. We have branches with four and half inches of crisp white frozen water. In London, when I left three hours ago nothing was settling, and if it was it didn’t look quite the same.
I went to my fave Taiwanese restaurant and had glass noodles, veggie rolls and a plate of green garlic shoots. I ate so much the pockets of my trouser flew open.
Went to see THE SESSIONS with Helen Hunt. Had to change rows as the woman to my left had metal breath which wafted over me every time she breathed.
I didn’t care for the film. Self conscious, and even though a true story , I was embarrassed rather than uplifted. Helen took to wearing her birthday suit several times, which in the main I didn’t mind but her obvious ‘Brazilian’ really offended me. if you are going to do a film about sexual therapy don’t turn it into an advert for the beauty parlour down the road in West LA.
Back to Grouchos by nine, my favourite club, and the heating had blown so I spent all night huddled in my ‘v’ necked sweater whilst finishing Virginia Ironsides wonderful book.
7.00 alarm call, left at 7.45. Walked to the studio, precisely fifteen minutes, did the show and enjoyed your calls, the guests Lucy Seigle, Hilly and Virginia.
Took a very quick tube to Charing Cross and got their with 49 seconds to spare. Jumped on the train , which left two minutes late, and bemoaned the fact that we went through East Croydon, Purley and Redhill because Orpington was snowbound.
The ‘oosbind collected a 1.30 and we drove, very slowly home.
The snow has been falling ever since.
I slipped into a bath with lavender and gentleman’s oil – a Christmas present – let out some of the water and added more boiling hot H20. Started my Christmas book – ‘The Mists of Avalon’ and settled myself down for an evening of silent reading.
It’s 17.22, Jim’s pasta sauce is divine and me book beckons.
Have a good night you all.

3 thoughts on “Snowbound”

  1. The Mists of Avalon? Oh I remember that book! Marion Bradley, yes? All the way through it felt as though Morgaine was telling the story to me. Telling it to me. Speaking it. In a strong, quiet voice. Very good. I liked it.

  2. Snow settled here in London. We have 4 inches too! Dogs love it and I do too from inside! Great show yesterday. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Jeni
    Loved Sunday’s show, it really is like sitting round the kitchen table with friends just chatting away about this and that. Plus you play all my favourite music!
    Watch Wiv Muvver! More please!! Absolutely spot on!!!
    Thanks for entertaining me Jeni.
    Take care darling girl
    Love June

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