In Hot Water

Thank you all for your comments on Sundays show. Esther is back, I’m back, the show is back, and there’s more this Sunday.
When I know what it is you’ll be the second to know.
The dawter – Ms BB James – was a guest on Jo Good’s show yesterday. My writing partner and I listened to it whilst sitting in the attic wondering whether the girl would sing. She didn’t but she revealed something about her body that made my partner blush.
Look whatever my 25 year old daughter decides to do with herself is her business. That’s the fun of growing away from your family, making your own decisions.
I can get on with being depressed on my own behalf now, and leave her to hers…
We have completed the second draft of our script. Friday we tidy it up and then it’s onwards and upwards.
I’ve just had a hot bath with ‘Floris Edwardian Bouquet’ a Christmas present. I smell like an Edwardian conservatory.
I tell you this because the water has not been going to plan. Trying to get the bath taps to run hot meant turning on the sink taps and operating the bath taps so that a dribble of heat went into the bath. Up and down, round and round. Bathing was more like a scientific operation.
The last few baths I’ve had have been so luke warm that I got out colder than when I went in. A bit like trying to relax at a Scottish Public School
So yesterday, as my writing partner and I were shouting at each other, Gods Gift crept into my room and took out all the bedding from the cupboard and tried, as quietly as possible, to make a pile on the carpet.
Then a strange man came in and knelt down with a little meter and took readings on all the pipes in the airing cupboard.
Then my cleaner came in and hoovered round us.
Then the plumber came back and knelt at the foot of the sheets.
Then men shouted at each other from the kitchen to the bathroom.
We just carried on writing.
Result. This evening the water was perfect, my bath was piping hot, enough to wrinkle me.
I’m now off to bed with a book, a hot body and a clear mind.
Tomorrow I have four meetings, and Jim has a casting. Wish us luck.

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  1. Heard BB shame she did not sing, piercings ones body is ones own to do with whatever you choose. Acres of luck heading your way for today break a leg Jim xxhugxx

  2. I am actually new to this surfing, does anyone knows how you can subscribe this site, so you can actually get emails notifications for new posts, btw i also made a plumbers riverside video.. suggestions would be most welcomed.

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