Gung Hay Fat Choy!
Happy Year of the Ox.
I am pogged on dumplings and custard cakes.
Thank you to the GOLDEN PALACE in China Town, wonderful service, atmosphere and of course food.
I am replete on Jasmine tea and conversation.
Jim is doing his first tech run tonight then tomorrow we go to the preview.
Giles, Tim and B are here, talking and organising their move to New York.
I am delighted that the flat is all clean and neat and I am now about to take off all my clothes and put on pj’s.
If I am an ox, and this is the year of the ox, then anything could happen.
A very good MOOOOOOOOO to you all.

1 thought on “Ox-tails”

  1. Dear Jeni, I’ve not been on your blog for ages,but i have been reading them. Lots of family illness, and I’ve had the flu etc. Anyway please keep blogging its so much fun reading them. I’m wondering how Kirsten is? Not seen any messsages from her for ages, although I have sent messages but they have not appeared. Anyway, I wish I could come and see your ‘audience with’ but we live too far away, but I hope loads of people come to see you. Don’t you know 60 is the new 40? I can’t believe I’m 60 too. I feel about 35, unfortunately my body doesn’t!!!! Thinking of Jim doing his thing too. Lots a luv xx

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