I left the flat in the bright sunshine.
It was cool and fresh. The boats looked like paper ships on a painted river. Walked over Battersea bridge, down Cheyne Walk right through to Pimlico, down past Victoria Station and then I got really fired up so I walked past Buck house, through to St. James, past Nell Gwynnes house and then up past Fortnum and Masons into Leicester Square. Bingo. I was hot enought to rip off my jacket, I arrived bang on11.00.
The show was sharp and focussed. The Holocaust Memorial Day took up the first hour. Walking the second and Anorexia the third. You lot were suitably considered.
I left LBC early enough to run to Old Compton Street, buy two bottles of Gammel Dansk – A Danish herbal digestive that puts hairs on your hairs, then back to Charing Cross for the 17.06 to Greenwich.
A swift walk under the directions of one of the traffic cops who kept calling me ‘Swee’heart’ and ‘Darlin”. Down to Cafe Rouge turn right and there it was, The Greenwich Theatre.
Met up with Tim, Giles, B and Orla. Had tea with Jack and Jim, we all felt their nerves.
They left for the half whilst the rest of us hung around getting more anxious on their behalf.
The show was funny, unsettling and well directed by the lovely Nicky Henson By 10.00 we were all clapping very loudly at an ensemble piece which, by the time it comes into London will be electric. Very well done I say. It’s at Greenwich all week then off to HARROGATE.
Jim and I went for a late supper to Cafe Rouge, the background music was from Amelie, the tempo vivace con brio which meant we finished up in double quick time.
The French waitress showed us the tattoo on her neck and ear, served up dessert and pocketed the huge tip we gave her, after which we left.
Back in the flat my 12.10.
My husband is such a good actor I can almost forgive him anything.
I urge you all to grab him when you can – not literally mind.


  1. Dear Jeni,
    Just wanted to say that i am 40 this year, and feel about 60! Am hoping i feel younger each year thereafter, so by the time i am 60 i will actually feel 40 at last. Take Care Kerri xx

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