Hertfordshire and back

Allan Sillitoe on Desert Island Discs, was so predictable. From ‘Old Man River’ to his stories. Not that there is anything wrong with predictability but being surprised by a persons life is always uplifting – he did not uplift me. I arrived at my mothers in time to buy a bag of Turkish delights and two bunches of grapes before arriving at my brothers.
My Great niece was making everybody dinner on her pretend cooker whilst I drunk a cup of liquorice tea and worked out how to get to Colney Heath. Ineveitably I got lost.
We then went to the CROOKED BILLET, a Gooner pub, had full roast with sticky puddings and custard. I feel like I have a pigs bladder stuffed in my bellie, appropriate for Burns night don’t you think.
Got lost in Hertfordhsire, flashed in Elstree and went all sleepy in Park Lane.
It’s now dark, we’ve had a visitation from two gorgeous boys who are stopping over tommorrow night. Calls from a DJ who may do my Do, Jim’s dying his hair for his character and I am about to settle down with me book.
A big, long, family Sunday, with the possiblity of real sleep tonight.
Bonne nuit to you.

3 thoughts on “Hertfordshire and back”

  1. Jeni you’re blogging for England! Not that I’m complaining of course.
    In between doing my family tree tonight (have a look at http://booth.lse.ac.uk/ – about poverty – street by street in Victorian London – fascinating) I’ve been supping at MY liquorice tea.
    Do yours have little sayings on the teabag? The one I’m drinking now says “Bliss is a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss”. So there you go, your saying for the day. Sleep well and keep on bloggin pet.
    xx Fee xxx

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