Sunaks’ Slump

We’re in recession.
So what’s new?
We have a housing crisis.
So what’s new?
Schools crumbling.
So what’s new?
Hospitals on their last legs.
So what’s new.
I’m reeling from the incompetence of our government of twats.
So what’s new..

And now the Labour Party are fighting anti-Semitism claims. What a fabulous distraction as we face a general erection.
Dirty politics. Dirty fighting. Nothing is new when it comes to watching Capitalism eat itself from the inside. The system does not work anymore. People can talk and talk but it’s of no use when the power is still in the hands of inappropriate politicians who do not have any morals or any kind of long term plan.
Empty promises, weasel words, inaction, unfairness a bit of money here, a few bob there, unless the system is changed we will continue to go to Hell in a hand basket.

Our educational system only provides education for the monied few. Our schools provide what they can with a limited budget and exhausted teachers. Private and Public schools are spitting out the privileged who ski at half term and prop up the status quo after their holidays. Jealousy, say the well heeled, feudal say the downtrodden.
The system is not working. The capitalist system is rotten. People are angry, hungry, disillusioned, as our leaders quote numbers that are meaningless. Lying to us. Telling us untruths so that we don’t throw ourselves off the crumbling edges of climate changed cliffs. Hungry students, angry doctors, hungry children, angry parents. We are living in a society that no longer works, and I’m ashamed to look at the younger generations knowing that I’m not doing enough to change things.

Every Sunday at 7.00pm thousands of people around the globe meditate for peace on earth. Every Sunday those people sit and think and hope and pray that their thinking, hoping and prayers will actually change what’s happening. The Tories are failing us because the system they are trying to prop up is failing.
Infighting is not the answer it’s time for a reset. For a rethink. It’s time that politicians stop trying to score points and take a long, hard look at what is happening, not just here in the UK, but in the rest of the world.
People starving.
People fighting.
People struggling.
People unhappy.
Despite the cost of living crisis the advertisers still have the temerity to sell us cars and televisions, the thoughtless advertisers invest in selling us gambling and burgers.
The mental health of our nation is taking a battering whilst billionaires flog us chat rooms and new phones, apps and cheap solutions.

The top of my local town has one book shop, one health shop, two super stores and a cheap emporium selling plastic flowers and flimsy laundry baskets. The boarded up outlets have overtaken a thriving shopping centre.
Closing down sales, charity shops, cheap caffs and coffee shop chains, provide respite for zombies. I’m not blaming the living dead I blame a government for creating them. If the top of the pile don’t invest in the bottom of the pile the bottom of the pile festers in it’s own detritus.
The disenfranchised are the result of a government that encourages ignorance. If people don’t know an alternative strategy, then they can’t see an alternative way of being.

It serves the government to blame without taking any responsibility of what’s happening in our failing system. Blaming immigrants, blaming striking doctors, blaming the Bank of England, blaming striking university lecturers, blaming bin-men, blaming striking teachers, blaming the elderly, blaming the young, blaming the care-workers, blaming the sick, blaming the children, blaming the striking train drivers, blaming, blaming blaming. It’s always somebody else’s fault as the Sunaks’ pledge bollox. It’s always the fault of the youth or the disabled the benefit scroungers or the asylum seekers, blaming them for bringing down the country. Those who have no idea of deprivation blame those that are deprived, the depraved blaming the deprived. The kids with knives, the kids with no hope the kids with no future have become the Government’s whipping boys, who despite themselves, are playing out the governments dystopian nightmare because they don’t know any better.
As the grey suits and blue haired chatter over their fancy lunches bemoaning the state of the nation it would do well for them to take a breath and wonder why our country is in such a parlous state.
Our local Tory party were canvassing in the entrance of our local Waitrose. I told them I wasn’t interested in them. They asked me what I was displeased about. I couldn’t answer. Where was I to begin? How could I tell them, without losing my rag, that they had built on all our green spaces, that the trains didn’t run on time, that our village had more cheap shops than was healthy, that we had pot holes and not enough water to serve the new housing estates. That there wasn’t enough to go round and that they were putting up our council tax without any of us feeling the benefit.
The system isn’t working.
Capitalism isn’t working
I didn’t have the guts to tell the silver haired canvassers that they had got it all wrong, wrong for so long that even I was silenced in the face of their tweed coats and superannuated voices.
Finding my voice in the face of our crumbling system is hard, and if its hard for me it’s a damn sight harder for the voiceless ones.

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  1. Painfully accurate summary there luv. Watched the lisping twat being held to account by Chris Bryant in a Liaison Committee grilling. Utterly clueless. Hadn’t read this, hadn’t read that, it doesn’t bother the elite who don’t seem to hold themselves accountable for Jack shite anymore!


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