Someone has to pay

The surgeon broke down on the television news as he told the story of leaving Gaza because he had nothing left to give.
No drugs.
No hospital.
No hope.
He told the story of a little boy who had lost every member of his family, as well as his arm and his leg that the surgeon himself had amputated.
The surgeon tried not to weep. The camera stayed on him as he pushed up his glasses and wiped the tears away from his weary eyes, and through dry lips, that barely moved he said, almost inaudibly

‘Someone has to pay.’

The Israelis won’t pick up the tab because they believe they are doing what is right by their people. A Pyrrhic victory – ‘a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Such a victory negates any true sense of …victory.’
In the rubble of outmoded ideas, in the broken hearts of a nation

‘Someone has to pay.’

No amount of bombing, droning, shelling and loss will obliterate a belief, the slaughtering of innocents doth not a peaceful future make. Greedy, dogmatic bigots who hold onto their ‘historical’ right are no longer needed in our changing world. Crazed butchers should themselves be confined to the abattoir, for in the new age

‘Someone has to pay.’

We are at war on our own little island. Nearly a thousand innocent people have taken a beating from lying, global organisations, with our simpering Prime Minister suddenly seeing an opportunity of votes, decreeing that a thousand innocent people will be exonerated and compensated by the end of the year – we are only in January.

‘Someone has to pay.’

But the money grubbers, with their hands dipped deep into their pockets, will only cough up tiny fur balls. The powerful know how to protect themselves, they know how to swerve and twist , they know how to lie and manipulate, whilst the little people pay the price. The country is in the grip of truth telling. It took a band of performers, writers, directors and producers, to shine a light on a corrupt system. It took underpaid actors to agree that the story was worth more than their pay packets. It took an ensemble of truth tellers to tell a story that galvanised over a million people to cry out ‘Justice’ and the lily-livered government bayed in contrition but despite their silence,

‘Someone has to pay.’

Someone finally has to pay for the atrocious fraying of our society. Those ‘someones’ who have been swigging on Courvoisier whilst the rest of us sip contaminated water, those ‘someones’ have to take the wrap for their disgusting, anti-social behaviour.
Those ‘someones’, and they know who they are, are still covering their tracks and lying, slobbering their untruths over the hardworking surfs who cover their heads from the spittle dribbling from those ‘someones’ lying mouths.

What has become of us? ‘The worst miscarriage of justice in our history’ exposed by a band of mummers. And still the Arts are being savaged by a bunch of Philistines. Has common sense prevailed? Have the victims finally turned on the persecutors? Has the worm finally turned? Have the booted and suited finally been revealed as the naked Emperor? Like Kanye Wests’ unfortunate wife, strutting her bare body with but a cushion between her tush and the onlookers. We have been taken for fools since the likes of Farage and Johnson poured scorn on our intelligence. It took the humble Postie to take a beating before anybody listened.
And now the opportunist scumbag with his lisping humility, his bogus indignation, expects to win an election by passing a law that decrees

‘Someone has to pay.’

But will they? Will the big wigs give of their fortunes? Will the Japanese pay lords offer compensation? Will they finally admit they they ruined hundreds of peoples lives, and that they are truly sorry? Like fuck they will. They’ll pay as little as possible, and the damaged will wait and wait and wait like the exhausted customer who is met with a robot and computer generated apologies.

The core of our nation has been exposed by a bunch of honest stamp collectors. And still the minister for Justice, questions whether there were some criminals amongst them, how dare he when he represents a cabal of dodgy bastards who have finally been brought to book.

Enough of the forelock tugging, to those with Victoria plums in their mouths, enough of the kowtowing to the Savile Row suits, enough of the bending and scraping to those who have shit on their Gucci shoes and who walk all over our rugs. Enough of the subservience already. Enough of the obeisance to the master class who have little, or no respect for the rest of us. Enough of the grovelling already. Enough of the sycophancy that the ruling party mistake for support.
Didn’t some old Jewish geezer say ‘So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.’ And didn’t the 33 year old Semite also say that the ‘meek shall inherit the earth.’

It would do well for Netanyahu and his crazed militias to remember the words of his ancestors because at some point

‘Someone has to pay.’

2 thoughts on “Someone has to pay”

  1. And it was down to YouTube to televise the ICJ proceedings 11&12 January with MSM failing to do so & none of them covering it. The so-called first world being complicit. The same people pay as usual and it’s never those who are responsible.

  2. Lisping humility & computer generated apologies is exactly what we are bloody left with! Spot on there luv… The invisible prime minister strikes again. πŸ˜’πŸ€₯😠


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