Sunday funday.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs – Bill Granger style – bacon, fresh coffee and toast, I drove Aj back to his car.
21 year old boys who play American football really are sweet arm candy.
The wind was fresh, although this evening its even fresher. The branches on the trees, over-looking the balcony, are waving their leaves around foppishly.
BB drove back into London so Sunday took on a bit of the-old-folks-at-home-scenario.

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night time reveries

The cottage has a hole where the dog used to be.
Emmy, the cat, sleeps on the bean bag. I wonder if she is missing him too. But It is only my vain imaginings.
The clematis flowers, huge great big purple ones, have burst their buds round Jims shed.
The re-potted purple sage has kicked up a fuss. It did not like being moved into a new terracotta pot. So now the roses, instead of having their purple companion, drop their petals over a dishevelled droopy herb which looks like its sulking.

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Its Wednesday evening. I don’t know whether it’s me, my age, the planets, the weather, the time of the year, my impending holiday, my impending tax bill, my impending birthday. I don’t know whether its because I am not exercising, not exercising enough, not exercising at all, I don’t know whether its because I am … Read more


Why Oh Why do I do it to myself?
It’s too late for anything really BUT…
I’ve just watched a documentary about The Berlin Philharmonic.
The individual working within the group. The sense of excitment and terror at performance, the notion of all pulling together and then the one voice. The need to communicate.
It was profoundly moving.

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By the time I got home last night my feet were humming, my back singing and my brain all of a concert. I fell into bed, cut out the noise of the old git, the daughter, her friend and the throbbing balls of my feet.
I fell asleep immediately until 6.00
Went back to sleep until 8.00
Did all my admin. and now, at 9.38, I am wacking out yesterdays adventures.
Hold on while I say goodbye to the Northern spouse.

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Walk on the West Side.

The weather was 25 degrees.
The little red car had its roof down, made for a comfortable drive to LBC.
The show went so quickly. A really swift 3 hours.
Straight to the acupuncturist. After which I made a decision.

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North, South, Eats and West.

Dear June, Is my ‘oosbind in mint condition?
What do you think?
He was six years older than me 32 years ago which makes him nearly 92%older than the number you first thought of.
It’s 00.04. Four minutes past the witching hour although it feels like 7 in the evening and I’ll tell you why…..

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A Band On Men T!

The rain is here, its not big globules more a continual light spray of wet droplets.
The flat is vey quiet, but not for long…
B and the beau have just arrived.
Jim the oosbind has left for the cottage.
He’s gorn orf an’ left me guvnor. Taken hisself orf to the country on the back of his mighty Honder. Gorn and left me high and dry withart a penny to me name. I am a lawst woman, abandoned wiv only meself to blame.
Not to worry I’ll see him on Friday…
The show…..

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I can see clearly now the smudge has gone

I have finally broken my hikers block.
At 7.00 this morning, after a hugely naughty night of champagne, roast chicken and conversation, I hauled myself out of bed, looked at my fallen arches, fallen jowls and concluded I was just a fallen woman so I went back to bed.
At 7.30 I hauled myself out of bed, looked at my fallen arches, fallen jowls and decided that rather than repeat myself over and over again I would get up.

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