Why Oh Why do I do it to myself?
It’s too late for anything really BUT…
I’ve just watched a documentary about The Berlin Philharmonic.
The individual working within the group. The sense of excitment and terror at performance, the notion of all pulling together and then the one voice. The need to communicate.
It was profoundly moving.

On Sunday 2 two year olds ran through the garden whilst 16 adults downed champagne and got extremely high on sugary sweetmeats.
Monday evening was balmy and exhausting. I was so crap on the show even Steve picked over my glucoxic performance.
Today was easier, and lighter.
My accountant took the weight off our shoulders. We took the roof off my little red car and Jim drove home through the London traffic. I sat and lounged in the front seat.
Now I’m full from our Thai, full from the Philharmonic, full from the possibility of two weeks in Morrocco.
But its bed time and if I dont get my head down now I’ll be pants on the show again. SO
night night