Walk on the West Side.

The weather was 25 degrees.
The little red car had its roof down, made for a comfortable drive to LBC.
The show went so quickly. A really swift 3 hours.
Straight to the acupuncturist. After which I made a decision.

Off with the old, on with the new. Trainers, a purse stuck down my waistband and off I went.
I walked over Battersea Bridge. Down Beaufort Street. Over the Kings Road. Over the Fulham Road over Old Brompton Road. Down to The Cromwell road. I set out at 7.05. by the time I reached Earls Court Road it was coming up for an hour.
Then round the corner and through the poshest of streets. I passed the Romanian Embassy and the house of Chaim Weismann the first President of Israel. By the time I reached Royal Crescent my feet were killing me, it was 8.15.
Bee called
‘Where are you?’ she asked with a kind of disapproving voice.
I pulled a cab over. The driver was from Afghanistan. He told me his version of the war, and stories of when he was a young boy picking opium poppies and kite running.
He was shiny and beautiful and spoke three languages. He now lives in Upminster with his family.
I have decided not to walk into work. Were I to do it on a daily basis I would end up 3ft 1″. The walk wore me down.
Its now 18 minutes past midnight. I have cleaned the fridge, made a stir-fry and shouted at B and her Beau.
Its been a lovely sunny day.
Lets hope tomorrow gleams.

3 thoughts on “Walk on the West Side.”

  1. Hi Jeni, thanks for your kind words in an earlier blog. I’m doing ok, having daily radiotherapy. My hair has started to grow back, but still no eyebrows or eyelashes – grr!! I did a Look Good Feel Better day at the hospital, where they teach you how to draw in eyebrows, but there’s not much can be done about the eyelashes!! I do look peculiar – well, more peculiar than I usually do!! 🙂
    My hospital appointments are all in the afternoon, which means I miss a lot of your show – very annoying! Thank goodness for your blogs, which are always entertaining. I love your descriptions of London – I was recently given a copy of Peter Ackroyd’s ‘Biography of London’. I’m very tempted to start reading it immediately, but as I have two books on the go I think I should be patient! I’ve added June’s tip from an earlier post about Postman’s Park, near St. Paul’s, to my list of places to see. I hadn’t heard of it before.
    BTW, if you’re looking for an enjoyable night at the theatre, I can recommend ‘Pygmalion’ at the Old Vic & Vanessa Redgrave in ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ at the National Theatre. Redgrave is very moving in the Joan Didion play about grief & Michelle Dockery & Tony Haygarth are the stand-out performances at the OV, IMO.
    I’ve rambled on enough, so thanks again for being so entertaining, here & on the radio – keep it up! Am I too late to wish you Happy Shavout? Have a great rest of the week too.

  2. Hiya Jeni
    Lovely blogs I do so enjoy your descriptions of London. Hey I’m feeling a bit left out being single, any spare Northern Gits about?
    Lovely to hear from Kirsten, I saw Vanessa Redgrave in Year of Magical thinking on Broadway last year, it was mesmerising.
    Lots of love
    Marmite xx

  3. Hi Jeni
    How lovely to hear from Kirsten, she is often in my thoughts. Do visit Postmans Park Kirsten, it will feed your soul!
    Jeni what a walk!!
    Love June

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