A Band On Men T!

The rain is here, its not big globules more a continual light spray of wet droplets.
The flat is vey quiet, but not for long…
B and the beau have just arrived.
Jim the oosbind has left for the cottage.
He’s gorn orf an’ left me guvnor. Taken hisself orf to the country on the back of his mighty Honder. Gorn and left me high and dry withart a penny to me name. I am a lawst woman, abandoned wiv only meself to blame.
Not to worry I’ll see him on Friday…
The show…..

Iinterviewed LEO HOLLIS about his book THE PHOENIX, and the story of five men behind the rebuilding of London after The Plague and The Great Fire in 1666. It’s the most wonderful insight into London and the re-building of St. Pauls. Mr. Hollis made me so excited about the hidden city. A clever, lovely bloke. Steve Campen said he should be given a telly series…I agree.
But right now I feel like I have eaten an electric blanket. I’m all sleepy and pathetic.
I am so snoozy I dont know what to do…
Maybe a bath.
Maybe the News.
Maybe a cuppa.
Maybe a few phonecalls.
But whatever it is it will be an early night.
I have eaten the left over vegetables from Sundays roast, a ‘dip’ sarnie, a pear, some almonds, three sesame snax and a banana. It’s no wonder I feel exhausted I’ve imbibed enough for a primary school picnic.
Thats it.
Thank you STEVE ALLEN for my box of goodies. Thank you all for calling especially Fleur who Facebooked me to vent her spleen. Her daughter was set on after doing her GCSE exams. A child of the 21st Century. Unprovoked and unplanned. I wish both of you well.
jeni B

4 thoughts on “A Band On Men T!”

  1. You never mentioned the romantic curried goat what we had and the walk through the precinct and you slipping and nearly breaking your neck – AGAIN – and me having to almost beat you away from the shoe shop doorways as you tried to buy yet another pair of those STUPID toe thong sandles to replace the ones you were wearing (justy because they were cheap!) and having to force you to go to the car to get your MBTs (another waste of money since you never wear them)and then me having to run to keep up with you because you felt so excited to be secure on your feet again. No wonder I went back to the cottage at the first opportunity. There, that’s got that off me chest.
    The Old Git.

  2. Poor hoosbind, wot he has to put up with!
    Your show just gets better Jen, you’re really growing into it. You’re so natural with the punters, even the awkward ones.
    Love to you and the other Barnett bloggers, and not forgetting the poor hoosbind of course. xx Fee xxx

  3. Hi Jeni
    How lovely to hear from the Northern Git, I think!
    I have one just like him at home, so a matching pair!!
    Perhaps we could take them to the Antiques Roadshow to see how much we could get for them, unfortunately mine isn’t in mint condition is yours?
    Love June

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