Its Wednesday evening.
I don’t know whether it’s me, my age, the planets, the weather, the time of the year, my impending holiday, my impending tax bill, my impending birthday. I don’t know whether its because I am not exercising, not exercising enough, not exercising at all, I don’t know whether its because I am meditating too much, too little, not enough, far too often.
whatever it is I feel wierd.
If I feel wierd I am sure you are too.
I cant even get off on ‘Corrie’ as the friggin’ football is on.
Bah and hum bug…..

6 thoughts on “Humbugs”

  1. Hi Jeni
    I couldn’t agree more, that’s exactly how I feel.
    Is it my diet, is it lack of exercise, lack of sun, lack of blue skies, lack of money, lack of youth, lack of long legs or is it the fact that Monday evening we received a call, informing us of the death of a dear aunt who has been poorly for so long.
    I now like to think of her catching up with her son daughter and husband who all went on ahead of her.
    Tuesday evening another call, another death, again a happy release, my brother in law reunited with my sister, probably getting a *ollicking for taking so long to join her!
    So now I’m waiting for the third call, as death does seem to be like buses, all arriving together.
    Now the thing is Jeni what will it take to shake off this mood?
    Any suggestions anyone?
    Love June

  2. Oh Boy, it must be the planets or the weather or the economy but come on you lot keep those chins up,…….don’t force me to use the pirate joke!!!!! (Ooo and Mrs Jones please don’t tell me off for over use of exclamation marks!!!!)
    Love Marmite xx

  3. No suggestions at all, June. Are we all cast in the same gloomy shadow these days? I know I feel the same listless edginess as you describe. Odd, isn’t it?

  4. A few suggestions to cheer us all up June.
    A glass of red or white. A vodka and coke or a vodka and tonic. A gin n tonic. A bloody Mary or (a drink for Mrs Jones, A sweet sherry) or a brandy n lemonade or a whisky and dry (with ice)
    OR…. just drink the lot!!

  5. Well ,we have blue skies and hot sun here in southern spain but it seems we are also going through a rather strange time of accidents,illnesses,and gloomy thoughts…perhaps there’s something wrong with Uranus….isn’t that the planet that makes it all going haywire !!!!!!
    We must just hang on in there and try to be as positive as we can under the odd circumstances.

  6. Same here, only I’m glad the footie’s on instead of corrie! I feel totally scunnered and can’t seem to shake it off either.
    Best wishes to eveyone for happier days!

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