I can see clearly now the smudge has gone

I have finally broken my hikers block.
At 7.00 this morning, after a hugely naughty night of champagne, roast chicken and conversation, I hauled myself out of bed, looked at my fallen arches, fallen jowls and concluded I was just a fallen woman so I went back to bed.
At 7.30 I hauled myself out of bed, looked at my fallen arches, fallen jowls and decided that rather than repeat myself over and over again I would get up.

I cleaned the kitchen, put in my gum shields for whitening my teeth, made up a little muddy face pack out of bentonite clay and meditated for 20 minutes.
The trouble with the betonite is that it tightenes very quickly so closing my eyes proved a little tricky. My eye lid kept twitching, I did, however, manage to still the little tick.
After 20 peaceful minutes I washed off the clay, took out my teeth moulds and did another 20 odd minutes of visualisation and affirmations.
I dressed, put on my heart monitor and braved my first power walk.
It took me nearly 20 minutes to get my heart rate up, when I run it takes about 3 minutes! But even the BBC teletext Astrology page told me to remember I wasn’t getting any younger and that I should remember to be kinder to my body – bloody cheek. So I walked very quickly for 20 minutes, you know how daft fast walkers look, swinging those hips and arms, but I ignored the passing comments and marched my way into the corner shop where I stopped off for a bottle of milk and carton of juice.
I arrived back at the flat needing more cardio vascular activity so I vacuumed , dusted, cleared the hall table and dealt with all my emails.
I have conditioning exercises I have to do but the thought of them makes me all limp and weedy so I’ll wait.
I do find Monday tricky, I’m like an old petrol mower. Pulling that starter cord, at least three times, before I splutter into life.
This afternoon in between talking about baldness and eating worms I had to have a coffee.
And very nice it was too.
Do you know coffee makes me ever so fond. It must be all the caffeine.I have a need to tell somebody how much I love them. This afternoon my unsuspecting first nephew was the recipient. He did try and tell me he couldn’t talk but I took no heed, after all I was showering him with love. He hung up.
The caffeine is still doing its stuff so I’ll tell the old man instead, we are out together tonight. Cant believe it. He’s finished for a bit so we have a little more time together only he is going back to East Sussex, looking on the bright side I get the bed whilst he gets the cottage.
We are out watching the youngest daughter sing in Deptford tonight, the middle daughter act at The ICA on Wednesday and the eldest daughter paint the town red on Friday.
I’ve just cleaned my glasses, I thought I was going blind I couldn’t see the screen. Thank goodness for a bit of breath and a clean cloth. I can see pefectly now. Well not perfectly if I could see perfectly I wouldn’t be wearing glasses….
It’s 17.31 there’s a still smell on the river and I’m getting over excited about a night on the tiles with the ‘oosbind. Steady on its only Deptford – must be the caffeine
Have a lovely night and

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