The Cock

THE COCK near Barcombe is the friendliest pub. I asked for all me salad bits plus. The plus was delicious wilted broccoli, if you can wilt a tree, perfectly cooked asparagus and creamy pale avocados. I put my headphones in my ears – always tricky because I have tiny ears and the headphones keep falling … Read more

Vanilla Black

One piece of Salmon. 8 minutes fried in smoked-kipper-butter. VANILLA BLACK , the veggie restaurant make it. A handful of organic kale, high cook for 5 mins. Smoky butter drizzled over everything. And there we are.

jennifers Joyful snack for Mr. Jennings

Mr. Jennings I accept your challenge. Peel the avvos. Slice the avvos. Cut the spinach into thin strips. Chop the tomatoes into little cubes. Add tiny shards of cucumber. Add delicate little moons of red onion. Toss em all in a bowl with truffle oil, garlic, a sprinkling of seaweed flakes and a tossing of … Read more


Stopped off at the asparagus farm. They have had a rotten yield what with no rain, too much rain, frost and blustery winds. I bought a tall bag of asparagus that had already been tailed. A punnet of strawberries. A bag of spinach. Three sweet tomatoes. And two soft avocados. How to make asparagus soup … Read more

Dr. Spirtle

The orchard is beckoning. I fear all the blossom has been scattered from the interminable wind and rain. I wanted to pick handfuls of wild garlic but the clouds glowered in extremis. So I poured some of Flannigans organic oats into a saucepan, a funny tall one with a non-stick inside. Turned the filter tap … Read more

Ochre James Bond style.

A handful of ochre. Slice em after topping and tailing them. Yes I know it can be slimy but who cares? Heat up your little frying up, heat it till its hot, nothing in it, just a naked flame under a naked pan. Pour in some olive oil and immediately chuck in turmeric, cayenne pepper, … Read more

Mung bean magic

Take 400 somethings of mung beans. Put em in the pressure cooker. Bring em to the steam. Turn off the pressure cooker. Let the steam die down. Open the lid. And there you have a pan full of soft green beans. Take all sorts of spices including raw garlic and ginger and roast them until … Read more


The cottage is very quiet.
The only sound is the clock ticking behind me.
The smell of beeswax furniture polish lingers in the air, I polished the piano. Mr.Crouch, our piano tuner, came with his box of tricks , put on his apron, slurped one mouthful of milky tea and set about making my boudoir grand even grander.
The cat is caught between two cushions, comfortably slumped on the armchair.
The door is locked and the rain is still drip, drip, dripping.

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