The Cock

THE COCK near Barcombe is the friendliest pub.
I asked for all me salad bits plus. The plus was delicious wilted broccoli, if you can wilt a tree, perfectly cooked asparagus and creamy pale avocados.
I put my headphones in my ears – always tricky because I have tiny ears and the headphones keep falling out – and listened to a wonderful bunch of musicians called SNARKY PUPPY, mad name, brilliant music.
I sat on the bench, legs up, and smiled at the sun until my dish arrived.
I had a cooled Cranberry juice and let the sun, salad and seasonal veg take my mind off my mother.
She is going through torture and witnessing it is more frightful than anything I have had to go through.
On the way to Uckfield an old couple had knocked a deer over. They were on the grass verge, agitatedly talking to a copper. The deer was contorted in the hedgerow.
I tried not to rubber neck because I knew the image would disturb, and it has.
The deer and my mother has filled my mind and body with sadness.
I’m off to see RAGTIME in THE REGENTS PARK OPEN AIR THEATRE, they have predicted rain. I don’t care if we get snow and brimstone at least I am alive.
And now here comes the rain. Tears eh?

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  1. Jeni
    The recent annular eclipse figures for ypur chart relative its ruler (saturn). Consult your trusted astrologer.
    Sunday, around 7 p.m., I saw the extremely wierd Neil Horan jigging near Oxford Circus.
    What drew my attention was the cooperation of a young woman with a very good body and strong legs. She was wearing a floaty knee-length salmon-pink dress and was making the can-can like leg-movement that is part of a type of Irish jig. The contrast to Mr Horan’s ageing legs and the cooperative venture highlighted by the flow of the dress was a surreal sight emphasised by their 40 year difference in age.
    I guess the guy is limbering up to the Olympics.

  2. Dear Jeni. I am so sorry to hear that you are so worried about your Dear Mother! Mums are so important arnt they? God Bless Em! I do hope that she will soon be feeling better, sorry to hear about the deer being hit by the car,these things are so awful and linger in the memory for a long time, I hope that you enjoyed RAGTIME in Regents Park Open Air Theatre. i wouldent mind seeing that myself, Well its Soon The Queens diamond Jubilee Celebrations and everything in Waitrose is in Red White and Blue, Ive bought some pretty fairy Cakes to eat and wish Maam a Wonderful Day as she barges (On the Royal Barge) down the River Thames to the adoration of the millions lining the North and south Banks of the Thames, Its going to be quite a Sight for sure, I wonder how you will be celebrating Jeni, with the family at Home or maybee a slap up meal in Tunbridge Wells. Whatever you do Jeni, have a wonderful time. Amd i wish all your other Bloggers a very HAPPY Jubilee celebration with your families and Loved Ones, Lots of love to You Jeni and your faithful Bloggers and I pray your Mum will be OK. god Bless You All from Terry XXX

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