jennifers Joyful snack for Mr. Jennings

Mr. Jennings I accept your challenge.
Peel the avvos.
Slice the avvos.
Cut the spinach into thin strips.
Chop the tomatoes into little cubes.
Add tiny shards of cucumber.
Add delicate little moons of red onion.
Toss em all in a bowl with truffle oil, garlic, a sprinkling of seaweed flakes and a tossing of cayenne pepper, then Praise the Lord for Jennifer’s Joyful snack.
A delicious salad for two,or one, if you are a pig like me.

1 thought on “jennifers Joyful snack for Mr. Jennings”

  1. Jenni
    sounds lovely, could we not add a few crustaceans lightly fried in garlic, olive oil and chilli, placed decoratively on top, a nice crusty Portugese roll with butter and whamo – dinner for two, accompanied with a cold, blanc de blanc?

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