Dr. Spirtle

The orchard is beckoning. I fear all the blossom has been scattered from the interminable wind and rain.
I wanted to pick handfuls of wild garlic but the clouds glowered in extremis.
So I poured some of Flannigans organic oats into a saucepan, a funny tall one with a non-stick inside.
Turned the filter tap on and covered the oats by half a finger.
Squeezed in a fulsome squirt of Agave syrup.
Sprinkled over a layer of cinnamon.
Brought it to the bubble, stirring all the while with Dr. Spirtle’s spirtle. If you ain’t Scottish look it up.
Kept the bubbles going for less than four minutes.
I curled my legs under me on the old gits armchair and savoured every hot spoonful.
Sometimes porridge does the trick when summer seems like a dream away.

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  1. ok ok time for another blog…..at the moment all my favourite blogs are quiet….this leaves me with a dilemma…what do I read with my morning coffee? FYI info…favourite blogs are you, dear Jeni, Sweet Armandine and Orangette from the States….great foodie reads…love to you, Jim and B…Elaine x

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