Stopped off at the asparagus farm.
They have had a rotten yield what with no rain, too much rain, frost and blustery winds.
I bought a tall bag of asparagus that had already been tailed.
A punnet of strawberries.
A bag of spinach.
Three sweet tomatoes.
And two soft avocados.
How to make asparagus soup with real taste was the mission.
I sweated two onions and four cloves of garlic in Italian olive oil.
Poured in some red lentils and three bay leaves.
Stirred them around until everything was covered in hot oil.
Added all the aspargus/aspaspariga/asparigum tips then covered the lot with filtered water.
After 40 minutes of simmering I panhandled it onto the table. Took out my zuzzah, from the second drawer down and zuzzhed until the red lentils ( now colourless) and the asparagus ( now grey green) turned into the colour of springy moss.
Took the little ladle and poured six servings into a bowl, sprinkled on some Himalayan salt.
It was thick and earthy, warming and surprisingly tasty.
I had a second bowl whilst watching the news.
A third bowl whilst watching Corrie.
I had thought to have 6 strawberries for a sweet treat but the asparagasoup has sated me.
Who’d have thought that off-cuts would be quite so satisfying.

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  1. Jenni,
    sounds good, now tell us what you are going to do with the avvos, spinach and three tomatoes? This could become better than Jamies 30 minute dinners!!!

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