Mung bean magic

Take 400 somethings of mung beans.
Put em in the pressure cooker.
Bring em to the steam.
Turn off the pressure cooker.
Let the steam die down.
Open the lid.
And there you have a pan full of soft green beans.
Take all sorts of spices including raw garlic and ginger and roast them until the kitchen steams smells of Mombai
Then add them to your mung beans, eat with tomatoes and mint and cucumber and I swear
You will enjoy even the rainiest of days.

2 thoughts on “Mung bean magic”

  1. I’ve blown up too many pressure cookers. I’m a bit iffy with them. What with this tendancy they have to go boom when I use them.
    Once I got beetroot juice all over the ceiling. And, naturally, most of the kitchen. Once it was stew. And I think, on one memorable occasion, carrot soup.
    I gave up then. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

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